Going to work

I love my job and I love going to work every single day. You see I work as a certified heating and air conditioning specialist. And while working as a certified heating and air conditioning specialist I experiences all kinds of things daily. One minute I could be messing with a geothermal heat pump, the next a central heating and air conditioning system in someone’s home, and the next i might be repairing a commercial heating and cooling unit in some big office building. It never gets dull and it most certainly is never predictable! Heating and air conditioning may sound like a boring industry to be involved in day and in and day out. But believe me it is not. Heating and air conditioning is actually becoming more and more interesting with each passing year with the onset of new heat and a/c technology every time you blink. This makes our job as certified heating and air conditioning specialists more intriguing and more to look forward to. The feeling you have when you know you have fixed someone’s heating and air conditioning system is something that you would have to just live to totally understand. It is a feeling of victory! Especially when the issue with the central heating and air conditioning system is rough. Geothermal heat pumps are another story. With geothermal heat pumps, when you repair those it is like winning the battle against a major war! That is how complex geothermal heat pumps can get in the line of duty.

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Fence to hide the neighbor

The fencing business sent a crew of guys plus the fence was completed in a single day

When my spouse plus I first moved into our house, the property next door was vacant. The locale had apparently been abandoned for quite some time. The roof was caving in plus the shrubbery was terribly overgrown, and both of us actually didn’t mind. Both of us love our privacy plus love the quiet, however for more than two years, the two of us had no neighbors! A little over 2 years ago, a for sale sign showed up in front of the home next door; Lots of people came to look at the property, however it was such a mess that no a single wanted it! My spouse plus I considered buying it just to have more shrubbery however the asking price was way too high. Both of us were hopeful that we’d never get neighbors! Unblessedly, someone obtained the locale. The first thing the guy did was start clearing away all the vegetation between the 2 houses… He break down trees, pulled out the vines plus break down the weeds. He completely exposed the property line so that the two of us could see his home plus he could see ours. Both of us don’t want to look at his crappy house… I instantly contacted a professional fencing business. I was cheerful that they were willing to send a guy out to supply an quote that same day. I explained the situation plus he advocated a six-foot tall privacy fence. Both of us actually didn’t care how much it cost. Both of us just wanted the fence built as quickly as possible. The fencing business sent a crew of guys plus the fence was completed in a single day. Both of us now have a wood fence that completely obscures our view of the neighbor. Both of us are totally private plus way more secure.


Our heating plan in the truck is messed up

There’s something going on with the heating plan in our truck! Of course, it’s entirely been torn up for weeks, however I haven’t known about it because it’s been summertime, then every one of us have not needed to turn the heating plan on in the truck since last Springtime, and now that the people I was with and I definitely need it, it’s not laboring, and the weather has easily been cooling off lately, and it is absolutely starting to know prefer fall is on its way, but i prefer the fall weather, however I easily do not like feeling cold.

There is no way in the world that I would be able to go through the whole Wintertide without having a heating plan in our truck.

It’s one of those things that you just can’t live without when you live in this section of the country, however during the wintertime, the un-even temperatures here get into the single digits on a typical basis; You have to start using your oil furnace or your gas furnace in October, usually, then and most of the time, you can’t stop using the heating plan until sometime in the middle of May. so it’s easily not something to play around with. I easily have to get the heating plan fixed before the weather starts cooling down even more. The concern is that I’m just not easily sure what to do with the truck. I don’t suppose whether I should take it to a garage to have it looked at or if I should try calling a heating and cooling professional instead. I’ve never had a concern with a heating plan in a car before.
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The A/C system was fixed a little too late at my nephew’s play

It was crazy when I went to my nephew’s play.

I never have been a big fan of plays, but I wanted to show my support since he invited me.

His parents were as proud as ever, but everything was a mess! The auditorium was blazing hot because the air conditioning system wasn’t working. I even asked around to see what was going on with the A/C system and I was told that an HVAC company had been called earlier and the HVAC technician was supposed to show up at any time. Well, it’s a shame they didn’t decide to postpone the play or at least wait until the HVAC technician arrived. The place was so overheated without A/C that everybody was sweating, including the cast members of the play! Because they were all overheated and sweaty, the lines were absolutely butchered. It was like everybody couldn’t follow the play correctly because they were feeling overheated and disoriented. I had to admit though, because of this, a lot of us were laughing a lot because it made things funny. The cast members picked up energy when people were laughing and they made the best out of a bad situation. Finally towards the end, the HVAC technician arrived and got to work. When the cooling air finally kicked in and the A/C wafted across the audience and the members of the cast, everybody was so happy that they all standed up for a standing ovation! Even though the play was absolutely butchered, it was hilarious and they did pretty good under the circumstances. I think we were all applauding for the A/C relief as well, even though it was a little too late.


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I believe I saved my grandmother’s life with a UV air purifier

Before this pandemic hit, I would visit my grandmother in the nursing home regularly.

It was severely concerning when the pandemic started. I actually wished that my grandmother was not in the nursing home because they suddenly shut it down to the public. When I would go to visit, I could only see my grandmother through a window, and that was all we could do, we couldn’t even talk anymore! I kept telling the people there that they needed to install a UV air purification system. When nobody there would listen to me about the UV air purification system, that’s when I bought a very high quality UV air purifier and told them to set up the UV air purifier in my grandmother’s room. She wrote me a note that said she was thankful for the UV air purifier and it made her feel so much better with improved air quality in her room. It was a good thing that I was able to get her that UV air purifier because then something really terrible happened. The governor of our state ordered a bunch of Covid patients to be sent to all the nursing homes. People fought against this move, but they had no choice but to take those patients in the nursing homes. The sickness spread in the nursing homes like wildfire and a lot of people died sadly. So many people are angry at the governor for forcing this to happen, but he acts like he did nothing wrong. Thankfully, my grandmother was able to make it through, and I think it’s because she stayed near the UV air purifier the whole time and she didn’t get sick!

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We got money together to have UV air purification system installed at the school

In our community, everybody was a little bit nervous and concerned about sending the children back to school.

  • A lot of people were opting for remote learning, but we couldn’t do that because we have to work to keep food on the table and pay the bills.

A bunch of us parents actually had a meeting with the school board to see if they would install special UV air purification systems in the school so that the kids could be safe from the virus. While they admitted it was a pretty good idea, they informed us that they didn’t have any room in the budget for that. A lot of us were furious that they wouldn’t change up the budget and prioritize something as necessary as a UV air purification system. So a bunch of us ended up going around the community to pick up donations towards installing a quality UV air purification system at the school. People were actually thrilled about the idea and most people donated especially if they had kids attending the same school. It didn’t even take us long to come up with the money needed to have the UV air purification system installed at the school. They were actually shocked when we came with the money, and they didn’t hesitate to have the UV air purification system installed after the money was provided. Now thanks to our efforts, we can feel more peace of mind knowing that our kids likely won’t get sick at school thanks to the quality UV air purification system they have now.

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I hugged my friend when he brought me something I was desperately seeking

When this whole pandemic broke out, I really wanted to do something to make my family safer.

  • That’s when I went around looking for UV air purifiers.

I read about how the UV light works to kill dangerous germs including the dangerous virus that has been spreading around. While it was a good thing that I knew about how effective these UV air purifiers are, I wasn’t able to find any because they were sold out everywhere! I even called the local HVAC companies to see if they had any UV air purifiers or UV air purification systems, but they were sold out as well and said all of those appliances were on backorder. Basically, it was just as hard to find a UV air purifier as it was to get toilet paper. The good news is that I had plenty of toilet paper, but I was disappointed because I couldn’t protect my family without a good UV air purifier working in the house. Then a friend of mine came over the visit. I didn’t think it was such a good idea considering all that was going on, but he insisted. When he arrived he smiled and said he had some presents that I was going to love. Somehow, I didn’t think any kind of present would improve my mood because I felt like I was failing my family without having a good UV air purifier during the pandemic. Well, I was shocked when he pulled out two UV air purifiers and a box of HEPA air filters! I was so happy that I hugged my friend. I probably shouldn’t have done that, but I santized myself right away and we installed the UV air purifiers and the HEPA air filter immediately.

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Heating as well as A/C causing restless night

I have a truly difficult time going to sleep every night.

I wish I didn’t have this kind of problem sleeping, but it’s been this way since I was a kid and I don’t think it’s going to change anytime soon.

I have been trying to do some research and find out ways to help me sleep separate from having to take any medication. I truly don’t want to become reliant on medicine to help me fall asleep at night, then after doing a nice amount of research, I have found that the Heating as well as A/C plan in your home plays a sizable job in the way you sleep. I hadn’t even thought about how the Heating as well as A/C plan would affect sleep, but ever since I study that I have been thinking about it alot. I want to make sure that our Heating as well as A/C plan isn’t causing me to have restless afternoons because I can’t get the temperature in our condo right. I think the best thing I can do is to call a local Heating as well as A/C company and have them come out and assess our Heating as well as A/C plan because I think the Heating as well as A/C tech is going to be our best resource. I want to make sure that I have enjoyable airflow in our condo and that our HVAC ducts aren’t jammed up with dirt and debris because all of these are factors that will affect the way I sleep. I hope that the Heating as well as A/C tech will be able to help me out.

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The oil furnace needs a current part

In a couple of years it will be time to replace the heating components

When problems with the oil furnace appear, it’s important to call a professional to help, but of course, there are a few things to check before making the call. Sometimes the fuse or circuit breaker needs to be reset. Sometimes the oil furnace filter needs to be cleaned. Sometimes the problem isn’tthe oil furnace at all, and a control unit issue can often cause malfunctions with the Heating and A/C equipment. My partner and I had trouble while in the coldest section of December. I immediately evaluated a few things on the issueshooting list, even though I knew that a call to the Heating and A/C company was necessary. I did not want to wait a long time before I made the call, because I wanted the heating company to repair the component on the same morning. As soon as I finished checking a few things, I made the call to the Heating and A/C company. They stressed an appointment for later that morning. My partner and I found out that the oil furnace needed a current electric igniter. The ignitor is an important section of the oil furnace that helps create a flame. I watched the Heating and A/C worker replace the electric igniter and I am sure I could repeat the same task in the future. The worker said this kind of problem does not happen frequently, so hopefully it’s the only time the item will need to be replaced. In a couple of years it will be time to replace the heating components. My partner and I have been thinking about getting rid of the gas oil furnace. It might be nice to replace to radiant heated flooring.


hydronic heating

My leg got burnt on the furnace

I had to go to the hospital this day because our leg was infected, and i hurt our leg a couple of afternoons ago when I was reaching for something behind the furnace.

I thought our leg was far enough away that I could reach the item separate from hitting the furnace, even though I ended up with a sizable burn on the side of our leg.

I put some burn ointment on the part in addition to went to bed, the next day, I was in a lot of pain in addition to our leg was throbbing. I took something for pain in addition to fell asleep. I spent most of the day in bed due to the pain. I got up this day in addition to our leg looks awful. The burn from the furnace looked infected so I decided to go to the hospital. I inspected into the emergency room around 10 in addition to the dentist saw me in record time, and he wasn’t actually excited that I did not clean the wound with soap in addition to water when the skin was burned! Dirt infected the wound in addition to the dentist thought I should be admitted for observation. He said the infection looked bad. He wanted to supply me around or more than one of IV antibiotics! Since I don’t have insurance, I opted for over the counter antibiotics in addition to a couple of afternoons off work; My leg hurts alot in addition to I have to sit for 8 minutes on the task. I hope the pills in addition to the time off work will help our leg heal, because I can’t afford to be out of work for a long time in addition to I can’t afford any more dentist visits.



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