Adding a laundry room window and decorative film

When I bought my house I was excited by the backyard shed but not thrilled the washer and dryer were in there.

I would have needed to walk through sand in order to do a load of washing.

It would be terribly inconvenient. I then hired an electrician and plumber to redo a room in my office and make it a laundry space. I think the room was a man cave of sorts. It had tons of shelving and gun cases in there when I moved in. It has a steel door and a heavy duty lock on it. No windows either. It was small enough to make a good laundry room but a terrible bedroom. I love having my own little laundry space. I invested in a furniture piece that serves as a folding table and storage component. The only thing I need is a window. I have been talking to contractors about doing the window and finding the right type of window to go in there. I also know I would need to put a decorative window film on it as well. The laundry room faces the backyard and is the perfect height to see fully in the house. You could see in the laundry room and all the way through to the living room. I don’t worry about neighbors, more theft. I don’t like the idea of so much of my home being visible. There are some really good window films and window tints out there. I think a fogged glass or rainy window film might be the window film for me.

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After a Long Hard Day

When I’m feeling flush, I won’t even bother to change the thermostat setting before I leave the house for the day.

What to do enjoy at the end of a long hard day? Most people have something they really enjoy. Some might like to have a cold beer or a scotch on the rocks. Some people might like to get out of their clothes and put on their PJs. Some people might like to go out on the town and dance the night away. Personally, there are two things I really like after a long hard day. I like to go home and play with my dog. She’s always happy to see me and greets me with a wagging tail and pure joy. The second thing I really like about going home after a long hard day is having fabulous HVAC greet me. When I open the front door, no matter what the thermostat reads outside, I want either the heating or the cooling to be working hard to make me feel comfortable. When I’m feeling flush, I won’t even bother to change the thermostat setting before I leave the house for the day. Most of the time, though, I find that to be too luxurious and I normally stop at the thermostat on my way out the door. Since I live in the Southeast, I use the air conditioning more than the heater. Generally speaking, turn the thermostat setting up a few degrees so that the air conditioning will not run as much when I’m not even in the house. When I get home after a long hard day, if I have changed the thermostat, the second thing I do after hitting up the bathroom, is change that thermostat setting back down and let the AC blow me away.

space heater

The honest guy found a twenty in my ductwork

My wife and I called the HVAC repair service so they could clean and sanitize all of the ductwork in the house.

My wife and I had the ductwork cleaned and sanitized every summer.

Both of us suffer from seasonal allergies. The summer months are the worst. When we have the ductwork cleaned and sanitized, both of us feel better and have less attacks when the pollen count is high. This year we made the appointment on a Sunday. Sometimes we have the work done through the week, but I wanted to be there when the service was performed. A very young technician came to complete the work. He looked like it was his first time cleaning the duct work. I was a bit nervous, but that guy did a good job. He was thorough and didn’t miss anything. He cleaned all of the vents and the ductwork. While he was cleaning the intake vents in the living room, the guy found a $20 bill. He could have kept the money and stuck it right in his pocket.. My wife and I would have never known that the guy found money in the ductwork. Instead, the honest guy told us about the money and gave us the $20 bill as soon as he found it. My wife and I were impressed with his honesty. The young technician completed all of the work on the indoor air system in less than three hours. My wife and I decided to give the guy the $20 bill as a tip for his hard work.
furnace/heater tune-up

The problem turned out to be something entirely different

We had several snow storms last month and I had no heat in my home during one of those particular storms.

My gas furnace stopped working.

When the furnace shut off, the indoor temperature rapidly dropped. It was 70° in the house when the heat was running. An hour later, it was 52. I wanted to wait until the next day to call the repair service. I did not want to pay an emergency after-hours fee. With the temperature dropping so rapidly, I did not have a choice. I contacted the local heating repair shop and I told the owner that I needed emergency services. He charged 20% more for the repair call since it was after 6 p.m. I honestly didn’t want to pay the more expensive rates, but I didn’t want to listen to everyone complain about the cold air in the house. I had a couple of space heaters set up in the living room and the bathroom, but they really didn’t make much of a difference. The house is old and there are cracks and crevices everywhere. We lose heat quickly when the furnace isn’t working. I had no idea what problem was occurring with the furnace, but I hoped it would be an easy fix. When the repair technician evaluated their system and looked at everything, he gave me the worst news. There were no problems with the furnace, but I was completely out of fuel. I felt like an idiot, because I never bothered to check the fuel level on the gauge before I contacted the repair service.

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The ductless AC was the perfect answer or the garage

After I came home from the military, I had a lot of mental and emotional problems.

I couldn’t live on my own and I didn’t want to live with my mom and dad again.

My dad offered to turn the garage into an apartment. Then I was close to home but I still have privacy of my own. I agreed to the idea for a couple of months. My dad turned the garage area into a small apartment complete with a half bath and climate control. To control the climate in the garage, my dad purchased a ductless mini-split AC unit. The ductless AC unit was quite easy to install. My dad and I handled the project on a Saturday afternoon. We had all of the instructions as well as a video from the manufacturer. The video game with the ductless AC unit and it was supposed to make it easier to complete the installation. My dad and I gathered all of the tools necessary to complete the work and we got started. We were an hour into the installation job when we realized that the ductless AC unit was going to require a separate breaker. My dad and I had to call the electric company for that part of the installation process. Luckily, they didn’t charge an arm and a leg for the simple job. I’ve been living in the garage apartment for six months. My mental health is improving every day, thanks to daily appointments with the psychiatrist and therapist. Someday I will return to normal and I will no longer have nightmares that plagued my sleep.


Electric heating system

Working on the heat pump was difficult without instructions

I finished heating and AC repair classes in 10 months. I finished two months sooner than everyone else in the program. I quickly started looking for a job in the industry. It was difficult to find a position because I didn’t have any experience. I found a job with a commercial heating and air conditioning repair company. They made me work alongside someone until I learned the ropes. I didn’t want to work with someone else, but those six months of training really paid off. I learned a lot during that time with hands-on training. During the first six weeks of work, I had a second repair technician with me at all times. I was still a new employee in training. Whenever I had a question, I asked the person working with me. All of that changed when I had to start working by myself. The first time I had to work on a heat pump repair, I was very nervous. I didn’t have anyone there to help with instructions. The customer stood in the garage the entire time I was working on the heat pump. That made me feel extremely nervous. I didn’t want to make any mistakes. At one point, I decided to call my mentor from the work truck. I asked a couple of questions just to be sure that I was doing things properly. It absolutely takes some time before you feel confident when working on heating and AC repairs. I consistently second-guess myself and worry that I am making the wrong choice.

duct cleaning

The aquarium was way too hot for the fish

I moved to the city so I could work at the aquarium.

I went to school to earn a degree in Marine Biology. I got a job working at the aquarium and I felt like I hit the jackpot. I was excited about working with the fish and the animals. I started off in an entry level position. Most of the day I spent time cleaning all of the tanks and enclosures for the aquarium animals. After a couple of months, I was promoted to a position working with the animals. After another six months, I was head of the aquatic department. I love working at the aquarium and I enjoy talking to the kids that walk through the halls. They always have great questions about the animals and the fish. I really enjoy our youth programs, especially during the summer. Last summer I had the opportunity to run one of the youth activities. We spent the whole day in the room where the sharks are located. I talked to the kids about different sharks and other predators in the ocean. The kids had a ton of questions. Most of them weren’t really interesting and a couple of them were funny. When we stopped to have lunch, I noticed the temperature on the thermostat and the education center. It was very warm. I turned the thermostat down so the air conditioner would come on. The air conditioner did not come on, even when I put the temperature to 65 degrees. I immediately alerted the maintenance team. The aquarium would be too hot for the fish if the air conditioning system was not working properly.

Air quality systems

The refrigeration problem required an expert

My boss left early on Saturday and I was the only person in the ice cream shop after 5 p.m. It was extremely busy that night and the place was packed with customers. I didn’t have a lot of time to do prep work or cleaning. Every time I stepped into the back of the store, I heard the chime from the doorbell. Around 8 PM, I noticed the ice cream was a bit soft. I checked the temperature on the refrigeration unit and it was a few degrees warmer than it should be. At 9 p.m, I checked the temperature again and it was even higher. I tried to call my boss on the phone, but she did not answer. The ice cream was starting to melt and I didn’t know what to do about the refrigeration issue. I called my boss 10 or 15 times before she finally answered. I told her the problem that was occurring. He told me to move all of the ice cream products to the back freezer. She also told me to shut down early. Instead of closing at 11, I closed at 9:30 instead. The next day when I came to work, there was a repairman from a heating and air conditioning service company. The guy was working on the refrigeration issue. My boss thanked me for being diligent. She claimed the problem was due to the chiller and said the repair technician was fixing everything. We opened for regular business after lunch and did not have any further problems.

heated floors

I look for something interesting to do on my day off work

Monday through Friday I work a full-time job.

I have to be motivated and filled with energy in order to complete all of the jobs on the schedule.

As an HVAC repair technician, I handle a variety of repair and installation problems. A couple clients have large businesses. I was busy with a ton of commercial clients last week and I looked forward to my day off on Saturday. I didn’t want to deal with any heating or air conditioner issues. I called a couple of friends and we decided to go to the beach that day. I love spending time at the beach. I like the sound of the water and the crash of the waves. I am not alone either, because all of my friends like the beach too. We decided to spend all day at the beach on Saturday. We packed a picnic and a cooler with beers and water. Right before I was heading out to the beach, my boss called. He wanted me to work that Saturday on a commercial heating and AC repair. I told the guy that I already had plans. I also lied and said I was out of town. I didn’t want my boss to be upset because I didn’t want to come to work. Lying about my geographical location seemed like the easiest way to get out of the Saturday job. I would have probably helped my boss if I hadn’t already made plans to hang out with my friends that day, but I really wanted to have fun and relax.

Heating and cooling equipment

The new HVAC unit came with a few rebates from the county and government

Every consumer and Shopper likes to save money.

  • A sale will often bring new customers into a business.

It will drive people to spend more money than they anticipated or planned. Savings and rebates are the whole reason why my wife and I decided to choose a more expensive HVAC system for our home. HVAC units as well as air purifiers and air filtration systems often come with rebates from the county and the government. When you upgrade the heating and air conditioning system, it’s important to look for a machine with a high Seer rating. The Seer rating tells you how efficient the machine will be during the summer and winter months. The minimum Seer rating for an air conditioner in this country is 13. There are air conditioners that have a higher Seer rating and these machines are often more expensive. When my wife and I were looking at HVAC units for our home, we found out that we could purchase a 20 Seer system. The 20 Seer system even came with rebates from the state and local government. My wife and I received almost $1,000 in rebates because of the clean air and energy efficient machine. The savings helped pay for the new HVAC unit. The new system works much better than the old one. I frequently hear the machine turn on and off. Before we upgraded, the air conditioner seemed to run all day and all night with barely any breaks. We’re easily going to save money each month now that the system is not running constantly.
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