Grandparents hot house

Every year during the summer I send my kids off to my parents house. They love spending time with their grandparents but I think as we get older it’s become more of a challenge to get them out there. When they were younger it was always fun for them to go see their grandparents because they live in a rustic house. I don’t have any of the modern conveniences that we have in our house. I want to send my kids out there because I think it gives them a reality check on how lucky they are to live the way that they do. Once I even noticed that when my kids got back they stopped complaining about little things like they did before they left. One thing my parents don’t have that we do in our home is a heating and cooling system. I have no central heating and air conditioning, and that’s where their house has always been. I grew up without central air conditioning and it didn’t affect me at all. My kids are pretty spoiled and I want them to see what it’s like to live this way. Right before we ship them off they always complain about not being able to sleep because you’re so hot without the air conditioning blasting on them. However, I think it’s a good lesson for them and I like to give them a dose of reality.

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Moving into a hotel

I recently discovered that my husband has been cheating on me. So, I am going to get a divorce and I need to figure out what my next move is going to be. My husband has a lot of money and thankfully I have money of my own but it’s still going to be a hard transition. I decided for the time being that I was going to move into a hotel so that I could figure out what I wanted to do. I’ve been at the hotel for about two weeks now and I have to admit I am liking it way more than I thought I would. I am staying in a very nice hotel, but I still didn’t expect to enjoy this much. One thing I love about the hotel is that I can control the thermostat. My husband will never let me touch The thermostat because he wants total control. He wanted to control the temperature of the house, he wanted to control the thermostat, and he wanted to control pretty much everything. I understand he didn’t want to spend a lot of money on the electric bill each month, but I hate to not be able to touch the thermostat. Now that I have been living in the hotel now I’m able to adjust the temperature of my room. I don’t think I’ll be able to go bad. I love happiness, a kind of freedom and I think I’m going to try to continue it. Now I just need to find the best way to tell my husband that I am leaving him and not coming back.


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HVAC in hospitals

I’ve talked to my boss about changing the temperature of the thermostat and making the common areas where the hospital staff work a little bit warmer

My mother was a nurse and because of this I have always wanted to be a nurse too. So I went to nursing school and I finally graduated with my degree in nursing. This was about four years ago and since then I’ve been working in a hospital full-time. I really love my job and I am so happy to have found coworkers that I liked too. I also love the patience that I work with, I feel so lucky to find a job I like this much. However, there is one thing about my job I’m not crazy about. And that is how cold the hospital is every day. I know we keep the hospital cold to ensure that germs And mildew don’t go in the hospital. However, it’s so cold that it’s almost unbearable. I’ve talked to my boss about changing the temperature of the thermostat and making the common areas where the hospital staff work a little bit warmer. However my boss does not like the idea of us and we have been fighting about the HVAC system for months now. Thankfully a few of the other nurses that I work with agree with me and think we should be able to adjust the thermostat in the common areas. Now I just need to convince my boss that letting us have control of the HVAC system in the common areas is the best idea, but I have a feeling that might not happen, but I am going to keep trying my hardest to change her mind!


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Heating system is safer than a fireplace/space heaters

I live in a part of the country that gets very extreme winter weather for most of the year.

It’s very cold and miserable and if you don’t have a way to properly warm up your home, you might not survive.

So I’ve been trying to think of ways to efficiently warm my home without having to spend a ton of money. I know the most cost effective way to heat your home is to use space heaters and a fireplace, but they are not very safe. I have a few young children and I want to make sure that my home is safe and not a fire hazard. I’m tempted to go out and buy a few space heaters, one for the bedrooms and living room, but I can’t have a space heater in my child’s bedroom without being scared they’re going to knock it over and cause a fire. So I decided to call a local HVAC company and get their opinion on the best way to efficiently keep my home in the winter months. I hope they can give me some good advice because I don’t want to spend a ton of money to keep my home, I am a single mother and I can’t afford a fancy heating system like the people in the houses around me. I struggle with money and want to make sure that I am making the best financial decisions. I am torn because all I want to do is get a space heater but now it’s not the best option

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Ventilation Matters at Doggy Daycare

I work at a doggy daycare in my small town.

  • We take care of dogs who are just there for the day, dogs who are there for a weekend, or dogs who will be there long-term.

We have a huge yard where the pups play, a “dining room” where all of the dog bowls are filled and consumed, and a giant “bedroom” where all of the dogs sleep. We house anywhere from ten to one hundred dogs at any given time; as I’m sure you can imagine, a room full of a hundred dogs can get stinky, fast! Our HVAC system helps keep us cool when we work with the pups, but it also ventilates our space and reduces the overall odor of the facility. Our “bedroom” has two giant vents on either side: one vent expels hairy, smelly air from the inside to the outside, while the other vent infuses clean and cool air from our cooling system into the room. The equipment in this room creates a cross-breeze that reduces the overall odor of the space. The HVAC system in this room is also equipped with a HEPA filter, which helps us reduce the amount of dog hair floating around throughout the facility. It really helps us keep the hair under control! When the doggy daycare began, we were in a smaller facility, which we eventually upgraded when we had our current space built. We had a consultant with an HVAC contractor, who listened to our heating, cooling, and ventilation needs, and provided a customized plan for the equipment, ducts, vents, fans, and filters that would help minimize odors and hair buildup in our space. The HVAC expert’s advice was invaluable; our system is optimal for our dogs’ happiness, and our human staff loves it too!


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Our parents bought a multi-zone mini-split HVAC unit before going on holiday

Summer was right around the corner, and we were all excited.

Winter had been brutal, and everyone longed to soak in the sun.

Mom and dad were going on vacation, leaving me in charge at home. It was a huge responsibility, but I was ready for the challenge. Before they left, dad decided to call the HVAC technician to our house. He’d check why the AC was making a loud buzzing noise. The air conditioning mechanic informed my parents that the device was on its last days. It was leaking freon and wouldn’t last the summer. It was too late to start order and install a quality HVAC. So the next option was to get a multi-zone mini-split. That would keep the house cool for the duration of their trip. The HVAC service had excellent options on offer, which got my parents excited. They placed an order, and the mini-split HVAC arrived the next day. Dad got to work installing it without needing an AC expert on sight. Ductless air conditioners didn’t require much work to install. It was a diverse unit that could also heat the house. But, we only needed it for the time being to cool the house. Mum promised to get in touch with the AC service as soon as they were back. In the meantime, the mini-split ACs would keep us comfortable. It was a wall-mounted ductless aircon with top features like a dehumidifier and air purifier. I learned how to operate the thermostat settings fast, which was essential to keep the temperatures controlled. We had lots of house plants that weren’t big fans of extreme heat. Neither were my siblings, and they’d made that quite clear. A week into their trip, we called our parents to inform them the ductless HVAC was working okay.

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Grandpa informed us someone stole his outdoor AC

Though the old neighborhood had changed, my grandpa was adamant he didn’t want to move.

  • He loved his old home and would rather stay put.

My dad was always worried about him because the area was insecure. There had been numerous cases of break-ins, but the police didn’t have many leads. Despite this, my grandpa resisted all proposals from my parents to come to live with us. Last week, grandpa was the victim of a crime. Someone had come into his backyard and stolen his outdoor air conditioning unit. His house was hot, and he wanted us to help him out. The first thing dad did was rush over to make sure he was okay. Without the outdoor HVAC, the central cooling unit wasn’t functioning. So he informed me to go to town and buy grandpa a portable AC. That way, he could cool the house room by room. I knew from his tone, dad had tried to convince grandpa to come with him, but he refused. It was easier to get him the air conditioner rather than make him leave his home. I went online and found an HVAC vendor selling a portable air conditioner. It was a smart aircon which I worried would be a challenge for grandpa. He wasn’t a big fan of technology. However, when he saw the cooling unit, he was stoked. He asked me to connect it and show him how to operate the digital thermostat. I downloaded the app on his phone and guided him. It took several tries for him to learn. I opted to activate the temperature sensor that made it easier to operate the quality HVAC. Dad left, but I decided to spend the night and rewatch some old films. I was pleased by how efficient the new AC system was.

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The air conditioner at Rose's flower shop stopped working

Flowers amazed Rose growing up. Her mum had green thumbs growing up. They had the most fabulous garden around, which is where she fell in love with them. Once she was done with high school, she studied horticulture. Her dream was to open a flower shop in the city and target wedding clients. Her mum was supportive of the idea and became her business partner. Though the beginning was tough, she soon learned a lot about the business. In two years, she had many clients and was a resounding success. Last year was one she’d never forget because her air conditioning unit stopped working. It was in the middle of a busy day when the HVAC system shut down. She tried the thermostat, but nothing happened. Her only option was to contact the HVAC service for assistance. The customer care rep informed her that all their AC experts were out in the field. But, she could book an appointment, and one would be at her shop the following day. That wasn’t great news since it was summer. Her flowers would suffer if she didn’t have the cooling unit fixed immediately. It was in the middle of a heatwave, and the humidity levels were high. Rose pondered the situation and decided to call her brother-in-law, asking for help. He was an AC mechanic but worked in a different air conditioning repair company. Luckily he had a little time to spare and came to her aid. After checking the air ventilation unit, he remarked that her thermostat was old. She needed to upgrade it as soon as possible to avoid more AC issues. He replaced the aging thermostat with a newer programmable digital unit with an LED display screen. After connecting it to the air conditioner and turning it on, the quality HVAC buzzed back to life.

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Why is my furnace so loud?

Lubricate the moving parts of your furnace properly during bi-annual tune-ups to keep your furnace in peak performance throughout winter

If your furnace is making unusually loud noises, it is crucial to pinpoint the origin of the noise to solve the issue. Noise can indicate an underlying serious problem that may end up damaging your furnace. Multiple different components can cause loud noises, each producing a different one. Furnace noises are a warning sign of an impending danger that you should not ignore, although you wouldn’t even if you wanted to. If your furnace produces a loud rattling or screeching noise when you turn on your furnace, the bearings in your blower motor or your blower motor itself could be the culprit. The blower motor pushes warm air out of your furnace and into your living space through the ductwork. Your blower motor requires routine lubrication and usually a particular type of lubrication to upkeep optimal function and performance over time. Otherwise, your fan might seize up, causing a loud screeching or rattling noise. You may be having a loose or damaged blower belt. If your furnace has a belt-driven motor, a squealing or similar noise may ensue when the belt loosens. Another reason for squealing noise can be attributed to shaft bearings and other moving components becoming dry. Lubricate the moving parts of your furnace properly during bi-annual tune-ups to keep your furnace in peak performance throughout winter. If you experience a loud clanking or scraping, described as metal against metal sound, it signals a serious problem with your furnace’s blower wheel. Dirty burners that need cleaning may cause a loud bang or boom, while a faulty heat exchanger with a loose panel or screw may cause rattling noises.

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Are electric heat pumps expensive to run

Heat pumps are the most energy-efficient form of electric heating if you get the right one. Homeowners are often concerned about the effect of electric heat pumps on their energy bills, but they are surprisingly efficient. They only cost about 28c per hour to run, so running it for 4 hours a day during the winter months is $1.12 a day. To cool your home during the summer months, it costs about 8c an hour, so running it continuously for 4 hours a day is 34c per day. That’s all it takes for your home to enjoy a more comfortable environment during summer. Some factors affect the running costs of your electric heat pump. For instance, when choosing the ideal heat pump for your home, ensure it is the right size. The size of your heat pump should match your home’s cooling or heating needs. An oversized unit runs too fast without achieving the desired effects. While it may be too fast in cooling and heating, other functions of your HVAC system, such as controlling humidity levels, will be ineffective, meaning it will have to run longer to achieve your desired temperature levels. An undersized unit will struggle to keep up with the requirements of your home, causing your system to run longer, which in turn increases energy consumption. Operation costs also vary depending on the size and layout of your home, climate and room orientation, how often the heat pump is used, the size and number of windows, and whether your home is insulated.
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