HVAC service plan is convenient and awesome

So I’m not exactly the best when ti comes to remembering to do certain things.

Picking up the kids or doing the tasks that I’ve been assigned are not tough to remember.

I haven’t left a kid somewhere yet. And I know plenty of dads who have. Still, I was never very good at remembering to do stuff like call the HVAC company to schedule the HVAC maintenance. Suddenly, it was almost Thanksgiving, the gas furnace was already heating the house and I had not called to get the heating maintenance. This made me then sort of fret throughout those winters when it came to the gas furnace making it through. And I was the same way with the air conditioner as well. I could remember to change the air filters each month but I’d forget to call the HVAC company in the spring for the HVAC maintenance prior to summer. Well, I don’t have to remember any of those HVAC maintenance appointments any longer. And no, my wife isn’t now in charge of the HVAC stuff. I signed us up for the HVAC service plan offered by the HVAC company. Now, it’s up to the HVAC professionals to set the HVAC service dates and then let me know. All I have to do now is answer or confirm the HVAC service appointments online. That makes things much easier for me and I don’t have to worry the HVAC equipment is going to breakdown because I forgot. The HVAC service plan is not only convenient and easy but it also gives me the peace of mind that I’m looking for from HVAC maintenance.


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A small changes yields a big difference in air quality

It seems like every single time that I have to get something done, it’s really expensive and involved. This is as true for something like my car as it is for my health. It’s really rare that I face a challenge that comes with such an easy answer. But that’s exactly what happened when it came to the HVAC equipment. When I learned the role that the HVAC equipment played in our indoor air quality, I wanted to be sure that we were breathing good air. This all came about when my kid told me all about the importance of good indoor air quality. It’s pretty cool when your children can give you actual life guidance and they are still in high school. I guess my son was studying the effects of air purification and filtration on our health. It’s quite astonishing what he learned and then relayed to me. And it got me to sit up and do something about it. But fortunately, this time the challenge wasn’t too involved. Actually, it was easy to immediately improve the indoor air quality by changing a piece of HVAC equipment. I simply changed out the cheap HVAC air filters for the HEPA filter. The cheap HVAC air filters do nothing but protect the HVAC equipment. But the HEPA filter is built to help us. It traps and removes more than 99 percent of all airborne contaminants from the air. Talk about dramatic indoor air quality improvement for such a small effort. The HEPA filters are a bit more expensive but they are so doing the job for us.

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Choosing better HVAC option for my situation

There is no way that I’d even be a homeowner if it wasn’t for my family.

Actually, it was a great aunt who left me her home when she died.

The house is small but sits on 7 acres of beautifully wooded land. It’s not the sort of place I could afford on my salary. So I count myself lucky. When I first moved in, the heating and cooling equipment were still working. While it wasn’t great, the old HVAC unit was still able to provide me with basic heating and cooling. And since I had to use my meager funds in other areas of the house, I decided to wait to replace the HVAC unit. Fortunately, I got almost five years from that old heating and cooling equipment. And that’s a lot more than I thought I was going to be able to get. But when the HVAC contractor came out to inspect the house, he found an additional problem. The ductwork was not going to work. This ductwork was original equipment on this house and was shot through with rust and holes. The cost to remove and replace the ductwork and get new HVAC equipment was too great. However, there was an option that ended up being just perfect for my situation. We went another direction entirely and the HVAC company installed a ductless multi split system instead. This worked out just great. Not only do I get the quality heating and air that I sought but, I saved a bunch of money as well. And the ductless heat pumps are super efficient so that will also be saving me a bunch of money too.

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HVAC maintenance is the real deal

I get comments all the time on my truck.

This has to do with the fact that it’s 22 years old and is still in great condition.

While I would love to take all the credit for that, it’s really more than just me. Just like my HVAC equipment, I’ve made sure that my truck received the proper maintenance. That truck was designed and built really, really well. So all I have had to do is sort of take care of an already great product. It goes under a car port at night, gets washed and waxed regularly as well as all the other maintenance. But it’s been the professional maintenance that has kept the truck in such great shape. The same can be said for the HVAC equipment. Since the day the heating and cooling equipment were installed, I made sure that they received service from the HVAC professionals. And not just because the HVAC warranty recommends it. I know from past experience that HVAC maintenance is the only way to go. The last house we owned, I inherited HVAC equipment that had been well taken care of. When I got it, I kept up the HVAC service in the spring and fall. And we ended up getting another 15 years out of that HVAC unit. The data spell this out as well. It’s a fact that HVAC equipment that doesn’t get HVAC maintenance fails 7 years earlier than those that do get consistent HVAC service. So actually, it pays to spend some money and get the heating maintenance in the fall followed by an air conditioning tune-up in the spring.


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Don’t even try a home repair for HVAC equipment

I know that I do everything that I can in order to save money.

If that means cutting coupons and going across town to save 15 percent, I gladly do it.

And the fact that I’m a grown man with a couponing book brings such delight to my wife. However, I also do my best to take care of the equipment in our lives. I’m not really the sort to come home from work only to sit in the air conditioning of my living room. And there are plenty of projects around our home for me to focus my energies on. Many of these get me out of the air conditioning and provide a bit of movement and exercise as well. However, there are things that I draw the line on when it comes to home repair. I don’t mess with the HVAC equipment. The only thing I do when it comes to the HVAC unit is replacing the air filter each month. Plus, I go around the house to check that the air ducts are open as well. But if something is wrong with the heating and cooling in my home, I call the HVAC professionals. There is simply no hesitation when it comes to calling the HVAC company. The fact is that HVAC equipment is delicate and complicated for those who are not HVAC technicians. And these HVAC professionals undergo so much training to perform their HVAC duties. Not to mention the fact that most HVAC warranties forbid anyone but a certified, licensed HVAC professional to work on the HVAC equipment.

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HVAC has the HOA up in arms

There really isn’t anything like watching such a complete over reaction as I’m witnessing right now over my HVAC unit. That’s right. My HVAC equipment is causing an absolute panic for the HOA. And if it weren’t actually happening, I don’t think I would believe the level of angst being displayed by the HOA. Look, I imagine that being part of the HOA can’t really be all that great. And really, most of the people who seek that sort of thing are needy when it comes to perceived authority. That is certainly the case with our HOA. And they are displaying that silliness when it comes to the trying to fine me over my HVAC equipment. What is so absurd is that they are trying to fine me over something that won’t even matter if a few months. The fact is that I had to have the privacy hedge removed because it died. This has left the HVAC unit exposed to the tender eyes of anyone driving by. For some reason, the HOA has determined that seeing a person’s HVAC unit is akin to seeing something utterly disturbing. The new hedge just isn’t quite high enough yet and the HOA wants me to build a fence until it grows in. They are crazy if they think that’s going to happen. So far, it’s been a bunch of threats a poorly worded warning letters. Yet, I haven’t replied except the one time when I explained the obvious. I don’t mind complying with common sense requests or rules. But this HVAC thing is just ludicrous and I’m not going to be bullied by these people.

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A bit of preparation was all it took to save on HVAC heating costs

This winter is the best heating comfort I’ve experienced in this house.

For years, I have been displeased with the level of heating comfort and the price of the heating costs.

So I went about dealing with that situation all wrong. I attempted to deal with the heating costs by over managing the thermostat. What I really needed to do was get the house properly prepared for winter. In the back of my mind, I really already knew that. But I was just too lazy to get it done prior to the winter settling in on us. I just couldn’t get off my butt in the air conditioning to get outside and deal with the winter preparations. But this year was different. For some reason, I just decided that I wasn’t going to repeat the same cycle I had repeated for the last 7 or 8 years. This time, it wasn’t going to be just the heating maintenance that was getting done to prepare for winter. Of course, I make sure the gas furnace gets heating maintenance from the HVAC professionals each fall. However, like I said, that was the extent of my preparations. While the heating maintenance is crucial, I also wanted to add to that HVAC efficiency by tightening up the house. And it really didn’t take all the effort I thought that it might. Replacing the weather stripping around all the entrances and anywhere else was the first step. I also made sure that there weren’t any gaps or cracks that were left unfilled on the exterior of my home either. All of it has added up to quite significant savings when it comes to the HVAC heating costs.

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Fixing the HVAC ventilation was the key

My wife, my kids and myself, well we all loved the house just as soon as we walked in.

And it was a good thing as well given that we were down to the last few houses to be shown on that trip.

My wife had accepted a promotion that came with relocations and we needed to buy a house. The HVAC upgrade had been done on our old home and we already had an offer. So it was really important that we found a house that suited us on our trip up to our new city. This change was pretty all encompassing. The new region came with a serious winter which was something new to all of us. So we were glad to find that there was new HVAC equipment in this house as well. But that was just one of the many great things that we found in this home. We made an offer the next day. By the time the kids and I got back to the house we were selling, the offer had been accepted. So it all worked out and we were able to move right in. However, there was a bit of a problem with evenness of the HVAC heating. I asked the HVAC company about it and they said it was due to interior walls being added after the ductwork plan was completed. But there was an easy fix. The HVAC company installed some room to room ventilators that pulled and pushed the HVAC treated air from one place to another. This was the answer and the house is really cozy in the winter.

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Air purification changes everything

When I learned all about just how important indoor air quality is to our health, I didn’t wait to do something about it.

However, I’m still sort of surprised that it took me as long as it did to learn about indoor air quality.

That’s one of the things I guess that I got out of the pandemic. In my efforts to make sure that we were strengthening our immune system, I found out that heating and cooling can play a big role. For all my life, I thought the air filter for the HVAC equipment was cleaning the air. And it would have been cleaning the air had it been a different sort of air filter. The HEPA filter actually traps and removes more than 99 percent of airborne contaminants. That’s a great way to immediately improve the indoor air quality of your home. However, I also wanted to go a step further. It was my wish that I’d be able to have the best indoor air quality possible. And for that, I needed to go with air purification. The trouble was that I just wasn’t all that interested in the portable air purifiers. For me, they seemed to be in the way and I didn’t adore the fact that I had to clean the air filter on the air purifier so often. The HVAC company suggested the whole home air purification system and it fit the bill. This thing works inside the HVAC equipment and uses UV light to destroy the airborne hazards that drag down our immune system. Plus, it makes the house smell just wonderful.
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Rental home equipped with ductless HVAC

The ductless heat pump allows for quick heating and cooling renovations at lesser cost.

I’m really happy to have found out about the ductless heat pump. This is because I’m renovating small home with them. You see, I’ve recently left my job in order to do something I’ve wanted to do for such a long time. I’ve been buying smaller homes, renovating them and then renting them out. This was both a desire of mine and an answer to a troubling scenario I found myself in. The company I worked for had been laying off people for years. And I noted that it was normally the folks that were the highest paid and closest to retirement. All of that seemed like dirty pool to me but I wasn’t going to be left holding the bag either. I worked in the zone controlled HVAC of those offices for some thirty years. So I wanted to beat the company to the punch. When there was a recent offer of early retirement, I jumped at it. However, I still needed to make a living and I wanted to chase a dream of having rental properties. The ductless heat pumps have helped me do just that. On just about all the properties I purchase, there are a number of things that have to be done. The renovations are mostly things that I can handle on my own. That’s not true when it comes to replacing HVAC equipment. The ductless heat pump allows for quick heating and cooling renovations at lesser cost. That’s the sort of renovation equation that makes me happy. So all of the homes I’m renting out now have ductless multi split systems. And the tenants love the quality heating and air from the ductless heat pumps.