Not pregnant, just pudgy

A month ago I forgot to take one of my birth control pills.

I noticed I was taking a sunday pill and it was actually monday.

Right after that I started feeling nauseous and had no energy. I immediately figured that I must be pregnant. When I started gaining weight, I figured that I was for sure expecting. I recently have gotten my period. So now I am not pregnant, just sort of chubby. I guess I was using a potential baby as an excuse to not work out as hard and snack during the day. I am paying the price for it now. Being pregnant would have given me a free pass for a bit of flab. Now that I am not, I need to get it into gear. I haven’t been able to self-motivate like usual. I don’t feel like going for runs and I am not a confident bike rider. A person can only squat, crunch and do so many push ups. Other than that, I don’t really know what else to do. I think I am going to go to the local core progression and sign up for personal training. I need a certified fitness expert giving me new things to try. I actually need someone encouraging me and giving me advice on how to be healthy. I am not severely overweight either, I just need to lose a few pounds. I think if the trainer got me on a good workout plan and doing it regularly, my body would bounce back. I just need to put in the work.



Workout planner

Doing an arm work out twice a week

I recently have been doing a physical training class twice a week so I can work my arms.

  • When I work out on my own, I never seem to have time to do my arm work out.

I really like warming up by going for a quick jog or bike ride. I love stretching, doing leg drills or abs. I hate it when anything works my arm muscles. Rather than be severely mismatched with how fit I am, I am making it a priority to be all over healthy. The physical training class is just brutal on my arms though. I expected to do push ups and hold planks for most of the class. The fitness expert has me work with battle ropes, toss a medicine ball to him and even use weighted poles. There are kettlebells and there is this little wheel you roll to extend out in a pushup position. I am waiting for the day that I feel confident during class and my arms look good. Right now I spend the whole class being whiney and wanting to quit. My arms get sore to the point that I can’t shampoo my hair or lift them above my head. You would think that doing the class two days a week would make my arms stronger. Maybe I need to start lifting free weights in my spare time to be ready for class. The personal trainer says he is only working on toning my arms, but I expect to look like the Rock one day.


He has the best fitness gear

I love dog sitting for my brother.

My brother makes a lot more money than me so his house is totally awesome.

He has multiple bedrooms and bathrooms. He has a state of the art HVAC system, swimming pool and all kinds of fitness equipment. When I am at my brother’s I treat it like I was staying at an airbnb. I only have to walk, play and care for his dog rather than pay. Other than that, I use all the amenities offered. I like starting my day running on his very cool treadmill. His treadmill doesn’t have dials or buttons. You simply hop on and run. If you lean forward, the belt speeds up naturally. Lean back and the belt slows down for you. This type of machine always makes me run a little harder than I would naturally. After my intense run I can cool off in his swimming pool by doing a few laps. I then spend my day playing with the dog, eating fancy food and taking dips in the pool. One time I stayed at my brother’s place for almost two weeks. I feel like I lost five pounds during that stay. I spent the day basically doing two workouts and never sitting down. Someday I would like to have the kind of money where I could have a home gym or at least a swimming pool. When you have no fitness gear, it is quite hard to work out. I basically have to go for a run or do crunches on the ground for a work out.



Gym transformations

Recovery after gymnastics

I used to do college gymnastics.

I was on the team for a while and I always had an injury.

Working through an injury was just a part of the sport. After I graduated and stopped tumbling regularly, I expected everything to heal up nicely. I have noticed that some of my injuries just don’t go away. I have a left knee that is always kind of sore. I can’t kneel on it or I am in pain. I have trouble squatting for periods of time or sitting with my legs in tight. I also have an issue with my shoulder occasionally. I can still move around and go about my life. Sometimes in a workout I find there are things I can’t do. Doing squats or lunges just was not for me anymore. I recently found a core progression near me that does health and recovery programs. The recovery programs are for people with injuries that need help working out. I figured I didn’t really qualify since I can go about my day quite easily, but I still gave it a try. Most of the people in my class are older folks trying to gain muscle, balance and stamina back. There are a few people who were in bad car accidents that have daily pain. I am one of the only sports related injury people. It doesn’t seem to matter though, the personal trainer running the class is great at making everyone feel welcome. He has given me exercises to not irritate my knee, but build muscles in my legs. He helps me stretch out my shoulders to where I don’t experience much pain.



Fitness coahing

I make it a point to be physical on vacation

I usually choose a hotel that has a large property surrounding it.

Some people look at vacation as a time to kick back on the beach with a book. They drink lots of booze, sleep in late and relax for hours. When I go on a trip, I treat it like an adventure. I want to get my money’s worth so I need to see a lot of sights. I don’t go to tropical islands with white sand and a bar. I usually travel to a foreign country so I can see the sights and experience a different culture. I spend my vacations in a rental car going from place to place. I hike, kayak, paddle board, bike and even scuba dive while on vacation. It is a very physical trip for me. I don’t sleep in, I get up early to work out and enjoy my day. No matter where I go, I ensure I have some way to work out. In the bigger cities I usually can snag a fitness room. Give me a treadmill, some hand weights and a place to stretch and I am good. I need enough room to do some tuck jumps, squats and leg lifts. Other than that, I can get by. In the smaller towns of the country I explore, it is hard to find fitness gear. I usually choose a hotel that has a large property surrounding it. I then will get up early with my little portable speaker and do a yoga based work out on the lawn. People are always shocked to see me working out. Apparently foreign people don’t workout like me. Perhaps no vacationer makes it a priority like me.


Workout program

He quit the couples fitness class

I have been trying to get my boyfriend to go back to the gym

My boyfriend Greg and I decided that we were going to do a couple fitness class at the core progression gym. It was us and six other couples to one personal trainer. All the fitness activities required partner work. We would do weightlifting with battle ropes, medicine balls and weighted poles. I would push Greg’s feet down when we did leg lifts for abs. He would encourage me to do more push ups. Three days a week, for an hour was our fitness class times. Greg has now stopped coming to class. He complained about being sore, too busy and not seeing a difference in his body. I still go to core progression, but I had to take a different class because I lost my partner. I do a group physical training class and I love it. When you start working out, nobody really enjoys it. I was sore, tired and not seeing results. You need to push through that initial hurdle to then see benefits. I have been working out long enough that I am finally seeing progress. I have lost around ten pounds of belly fat but gained lots of muscle. My legs and arms look totally different. I feel so much more energized and happy about myself. I have been trying to get my boyfriend to go back to the gym. I think he needs to find a class geared towards men and stick with it. I want him to feel as good as I do. It is going to be hard to motivate him to try again though.

Semi-private fitness training

Not proper hydration

I am nuts about proper hydration.

60% of the human body is water.

The brain and heart are about 70% water and the lungs are around 80% water. We need to take in liquid in order to be healthy. Water also is good for weight loss, keeping your energy up and preventing injury. A lot of people are not good about regular drinking though. My mother is the absolute worst when it comes to hydration. It is not out of the norm for her to drink one cup of tea in the morning and then maybe a glass of ice tea at dinner. That is all she gets in terms of liquid. In the north, she could get by on that little of liquid. Now that our whole family lives down south, my mother struggles. The hot weather means she sweats more and loses water. My mother has fainted, fallen over and gotten bad migraines before all due to improper hydration. I am always on my mother to keep drinking. A woman should drink about 2.7 liters of water a day. I am trying to get my mother to drink two bottles of water. I especially push her to drink during a workout. It is good for the body to get hydration when it is sweating and working hard. She needs to replenish that lost water. I also think a water break is great for making sure you rest and don’t overdo. It has been a long road getting her to drink more, sadly she does revert back to horrible habits.

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Biking everywhere

A lot of people are shocked when they learn I don’t have a car.

Everyone always tells me it is such a mistake and that I need to have a vehicle.

I live in the city, everything I could possibly want is biking distance away. I can get groceries, run to the bank, post office or my health and wellness center in under a five minute ride. I don’t need to pay for gas, car insurance or for repairs. I don’t need to worry about getting a ticket or in an accident either. I also am so much healthier being on a bike. I look really good and I know it is due to all my biking. Rather than be a lazy slug and drive everywhere, I get a good work out. On top of that, I do a biking work out a few days a week. I go for miles either pushing for speed or just to go as far as I can. I have proven to be very durable on a bike. I have also gotten equipment to make my biking easier. I have a water bottle mount, basket to hold my fitness gear or groceries, and a speaker to have hands free music. I even have a mount to put my phone on so that I don’t have to worry about it falling out of my basket. I don’t know why more and more people aren’t trying to be healthy and environmentally conscious. It is fun, good for you and saves a lot of money. Somedays I bike enough doing errands that I get out of doing my daily work out.

Wellness and fitness

Working out because there is nothing else to do

COVID-19 means I have a lot of free time on my hands.

I work totally from home now and all my errands can be virtually done. I barely leave my house because of it. I need something to get me outside and to occupy my time. There are certain things that are just closed down and no reopening anytime soon. I can’t spend my days going to the movies, shopping or seeing concerts. Instead I need to find COVID friendly things. I recently figured out there is a fitness training center near me that is open for business. The rules are kind of weird. I need to wear a mask when entering the building, but not in the locker rooms. I have to wear a mask when I get off the fitness machine, but not on it. I have to clean every piece of fitness equipment I use, other than the yoga mats that I sit on. I feel like the gym is trying to be good about not spreading the virus, but doesn’t really know how to do it. I am thankful I at least have something to do. It is exciting to have something that gets me out of the house. Every morning, before work, I do an hour workout. I feel so much more energized and refreshed. The fitness center even offers fitness coaching if I wanted. I could get a personal trainer to work with me for the hour. Right now I am not nearly dedicated enough or in good enough shape to warrant individualized attention. If COVID hangs around longer, I might start looking into that option.



Certified gym

The importance of stretching

How many people have gone on a realy vigorous run and immediately plopped down in a chair afterwards? It is so tempting to just sit down after running for an hour. Don’t ever do that! The reason is that you need to stretch right after a run or any work out really. Stretching for an athlete is key. Before the workout you get the muscles loose and ready to work hard. Failing to properly stretch will result in injuries. After the work out might be more important though. Your body is warm, loose and ready to stretch. Just sitting down allows the muscles to tighten up and recovery after a workout is much larger and more difficult. Expect more pain and sore muscles if you forgo a stretch. Stretching can also reduce inflammation in the muscles. Those who suffer from depression and diabetes have seen positive results with regular daily stretching. Women with breast cancer that stretch during yoga have seen improvements in their day to day life. A good stretch really releases the strain and tension in the body as well. Most people remake on feeling much more energetic and happy after stretching out those muscles. It even improves your posture and flexibility by doing regular stretches. All animals immediately stretch upon waking, except for us. Why is that? We should make a stretch a part of our day to day lives. Senior citizens, desk job workers and high stress occupations are people who really should make it a point to stretch at least once a day.

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