Author: Daniel

Giving it a good effort

I have to say that I really busted my tail back when I was in HVAC school. I would not be the seasoned heating and air conditioning specialist that I am today if I had not busted my tail as I did. I worked very hard to study books after hours in my free time, […]

A great birthday surprise

I have been wanting a ductless mini split air conditioning system for a while, but they are just too darn expensive for my budget. My brother knew my want, and he is someone who could afford it. So much to my surprise for my birthday he bought me a ductless mini split air conditioning system! […]

A late night

They have the top quality industrial HEPA air filters from what I understand I ended up having to work late at the office the other night. I had so much paperwork I was backed up on, that I decided to put in the extra hours since it was offered to me. While I was working […]

They almost turned me down

I nearly was up the creek when I went to the bank the other month to try to get a loan. I needed the loan to get a brand new, up to date and pretty pricey central heating and air conditioning system. My old central heating and air conditioning system had little to no life […]

Working out the details

Then it is going to take a few weeks for the heating and air conditioning company to put in the radiant heated floors since it is going to be throughout the entire house I’m planning on getting radiant heated floors installed into my home. In order to get the radiant heated floors, there is a […]

Yesterday’s technology today

I have to say that I am quite grateful for yesterday’s HVAC technology. I know that may sound strange, but you see, when my central heating and air conditioning system went out last month it was right in the middle of a big heat wave. And in the middle of the heat wave for you […]

Running it up

My electric bill has been going skyrocket lately. And it has all been because of my central heating and air conditioning system running all of the time. I figured out a a solution to this. First, I need to buy both a portable space heater and a portable air conditioning system. This will help in […]

I hate it when they are late

One thing I can not stand and that really bugs me is when I make an HVAC appointment with my local heating and air conditioning company for a certain time. And then when that time comes, the certified heat and a/c specialist that is supposed to perform whatever heating and cooling work I need done […]

Feeling dizzy

I have been having issues with dizziness and general vertigo. I was thinking at first something was wrong with me seriously. So when I went to the doctor and they ran a bunch of tests, they found that thankfully I was in perfect health otherwise, and that all of this dizzy stuff and vertigo was […]

Some things never change

I have to say how impressed I am at my old high school from back when. Today, my own kids go to the same high school I did. And after all of these years they still are right on top of the heating and air conditioning in there! The one thing that made this high […]