Author: Daniel

Want ductless HVAC in the shed

The house I bought came with a backyard shed that now serves as my work out area. I have just enough space to put two folding mats down. I got a mirror to hang up so I can see my swatches. I have weights, a jump rope, sound system and a water bottle mount. The […]

Want boiler to heat my pool

If anyone is thinking of getting a pool, remember to get a pool heater too. I nixed this idea because I was already spending so much money. I also live in the south, how cold can it get? In the spring and summer time it is plenty warm to swim every single day. In the […]

Glad I went with a snowmelt system

For a while I wasn’t using my boiler system like it was supposed to be used. If you have a boiler, run piping to it and enjoy heating more than one thing. You can heat your home with a boiler no problem. You additionally can provide heating for the water flowing through your home. You […]

Finding the perfect HVAC solution

The house my husband and I bought did not come with HVAC equipment. The previous equipment must have died, been removed and then before the homeowner could sell his house, he died. I got quite a deal on the home because of this. However, not having HVAC was a bit daunting. I knew I couldn’t […]

We knew we needed a commercial HVAC unit maintenance plan

Plus, the air conditioner service company gave us some excellent discounts The new office building was complete, and we could finally relocate everyone. The company was growling fast, and we had taken the plunge. After several meetings, all the shareholders had agreed we purchase the old building. Then work began on renovating it and making […]

Alvin was shocked the AC made him sick

Alvin had to look after the farm and his brother’s house for a while. His brother had gone out of the country to visit his daughter, who’d had a baby. He called Alvin for assistance, and Alvin agreed. Alvin mainly worked online so that the stay wouldn’t interfere with his work. The next day, he […]

Waiting for custom furniture

My oldest son recently bought a beach house that he rents out by the week. He wanted to increase the number of people the property sleeps and was looking for a pull-out couch. I happened to have a sleeper couch that I was willing to give him. The couch was in like-new condition. I simply […]