Author: Daniel

The smallest speck of dust can ruin the belt

The two of us have a whole home dehumidifier that helps us attain the proper humidity levels inside of our beach home. The humidity levels can absolutely affect our breathing as well as the quality of the indoor air. My family in addition to myself are only happy when we have the dehumidifier running all […]

I never feel warm enough during winter

The two of us have noticed that it takes quite a long time for the house to get warm during the winter season. In fact, the two of us never really feel warm enough during these cold winter months. Years ago, this wasn’t a problem when we first had the heat pump installed. The warm […]

We learn something new all the time

The two of us learned something new as well as interesting last weekend. It is the summer season and I panicked when the heat pump was not working properly to cool the house. It was strange for the instance to happen during a warm weather season, but the air conditioner actually had ice crystals on […]

Heat pumps are a pain in the butt

There is regularly a large fear of being stuck in the frozen temperatures without a sufficient heating system. The two of us do not find this to be a surprising problem. The two of us understand tackling this situation is important. When the heat pump is frozen, it is a particularly terrible dilemma. There are […]

The most common furnace problems can be fixed

The two of us were hoping the cracked heat exchanger would be able to be repaired, but there was more than one problem when the technician started to review our system. Furnaces that need extreme repairs are no longer superb to the homeowner. The two of us had to buy a furnace and it has […]

Wear and tear is normal and also unavoidable

The heating as well as AC component will go through normal amounts of where as well as tear. These problems can cause deterioration as well as problems with functionality. It’s easy to notice over a long amount of time that the AC goes through normal amounts of where as well as tear. The heat pump […]

I had to call the guy to make repairs

When the two of us realized that the house seemed to be inefficient with warm as well as cold spots, the two of us contacted the AC specialist. We did not actually believe that we would find out the frustrating problem was with the ductwork. The AC and heating specialist decided to check on the […]