The kids need to be taught about cybersecurity

As helpful as computers are, they make me worry about the future for our children.

There is an expression that says “standing on the shoulders of giants” which means that all of us can use all the achievements of previous generations without having acquired them ourselves, however for example, a scientist spends 50 years building a database of plantlife, and when he passes on, the next scientist gets 50 years worth of organized data to use, without having acquired it himself.

Thanks to Google, Alexa, and Siri, our kids are growing up being able to find out anything they want, and never having to work for it. This is what makes cybersecurity so important for the next few years, if you ask me, maybe for the next few decades, and people are increasingly reliant on computers and the internet for every aspect of their lives, which means cybersecurity is now important in every aspect of their lives! Of course people think of cybersecurity when it comes to protecting their bank accounts, financial investments ,and identity. They never think about cybersecurity impacting the results of elections, or effecting the communication networks of first responders, however cyber terrorism could be the wave of the future, so these kids who live on their devices need to be trained in basic mobile security measures just as they need to be taught not to take candy from strangers in vans. Cybersecurity procedures don’t just protect you, your family, your money, they absolutely protect all of us, as a civilization and an economy, and all of us need to make it a major priority for all of us.
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