I Loved the Bungalow with the Fireplace

My friends were not thrilled when I proposed that all of us rent a little bungalow out in the woods near a lake so all of us could have a grand adventure.

I found the perfect little bungalow online plus I showed it to all of them, and nobody legitimately wanted to go, but I managed to convince them that it was a great idea.

What legitimately sold myself and others on the apartment was the picture of the legitimately nice fireplace. They also had a nice oil oil furnace as the major heating source, plus I thought nothing could go wrong. Well, when all of us all ended up going to this bungalow, a single of the first things my friends began complaining about was having no cellphone reception out at this bungalow. I said all of us didn’t need to have cellphone reception anyway because the whole point was to have a good time out there. Of course, all of us didn’t get to use the internet either plus it seemed appreciate everybody was on my case about this fact, especially my friend George. George prefers to typically check up on his Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C system while he is away so he knows if there are any problems brewing with his heating and cooling system. He was freaking out when he wasn’t able to connect remotely to his smart thermostat settings, but I had to convince him that his Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C system would be just fine without him for a little while. He worried more about his HVAC than some people worry about their kids! It helped when I got a fire going in the fireplace plus broke out the blender to make drinks plus turned on some songs with my boombox. Everybody grabbed a glass and started to relax in front of the fireplace plus all of us enjoyed some spaghetti and meatballs. By the time our trip was over, I was sad to have to go back to the world of HVAC apps on phones, but I assume everybody else was ecstatic to get back to their regular world filled with technology plus the internet.


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