The pictures were a false representation of the hotel

My guy plus I went to a hotel this year for our anniversary.

We took the adolescents to my parents’ place plus they spent the whole weekend with the 2 of them.

My guy easily made a reservation at a hotel in the city… It was nearby the museum plus the aquarium plus my guy was hoping to visit both of those destinations on our weekend in the city. My guy decided to show me a bunch of photographs of the hotel plus the pictures looked really nice. We had a private balcony with a table plus a few chairs. We had a garden tub in the lavatory plus a separate shower. We even had our own little kitchenette with pots, pans, silverware, plus plates. The room looked perfectly modern plus sophisticated, so I sincerely did not mind spending $300 per night for such a hotel. When my guy plus I finally were checked into the hotel, it was clear that the online pictures were taken ten years ago or more. The hotel definitely looked very run down plus the lobby was not nearly as nice as the pictures. My guy plus I were also disappointed by our room. We had a garden tub in the lavatory, but none of the Jets were actually operating. Our private balcony was only 3 ft in width plus 3 feet in length. The Heating plus A/C equipment was the worst thing of all about the entire room. It was an older wall component with both heat plus AC. My guy plus I could actually smell something like rotten eggs every time the A/C equipment turned on. We did not even bother to make an official complaint about the indoor air conditions or the broken tub in the room. We easily just left the next day.


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