I refused to argue with the customer about the installation work

I waited until my lunch to help a customer with an upgrade job.

The bunch of us don’t usually start jobs so late in the day, but this was a rare occasion.

The customer tried to install the compact boiler on her own, although she was having a great deal of difficulty with the job! When the girl called the heating & A/C service company for help, she told my boss that she was halfway finished with the upgrade. The compact boiler upgrade job commonly takes most of the day, but the customer was half done so it did not seem problematic to start the job after lunch. I honestly thought the upgrade job would take a couple of hours to complete, so I did not mind going to the residence to help with the job. When I arrived at the household of the customer, I was stunned by the amount of work that needed to be completed on the compact boiler upgrade. I told the customer that the two of us still had a huge amount of work to complete and I provided the girl an estimate for my services. When the customer saw the bill for the compact boiler upgrade, she became entirely exasperated and irate. She tried to tell me that the job would only take a couple of hours to complete. I certainly did not want to argue with the customer about the compact boiler upgrade, although I couldn’t budge on my estimate. I knew it was going to take the remainder of the day to complete the job. I did not finish the upgrade job until 10 pm and the customer thought I would be done in 3 hours.



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