Wedding with no air conditioning is a mistake

This past summer, my sister got married.

She insisted on an outdoor wedding.

She found an old barn that had been converted into a venue. The location was absolutely beautiful. There were wildflowers, willow trees, a wooden dock and a huge lake with a family of ducts. I cautioned my sister that the weather in our local area is very unpredictable. There was a chance of rain, high wind, sleet and excessive humidity. I recommended she find a venue with indoor accommodations that included central heating and cooling. She was adamant in her choice. While the day of her wedding was perfectly clear and sunny, it was also horribly hot. By nine o’clock in the morning, the temperature had climbed into the eighties. We got dressed and had our hair, makeup and nails done in an air conditioned hotel room. We rode to the venue in an air conditioned limousine. As soon as we stepped outside, the whole wedding party started to sweat. None of us thought to put on sunblock, so we all ended up with sunburns. One of the groomsmen got stung by a bee. While there was some shade inside the barn, there was no relief from the heat and humidity. It would have been very helpful to have access to a thermostat. Instead, the cake melted and most of the guests left early. As soon as we’d fulfilled our obligations, most of the wedding party headed to a nearby bar where there was live music and air conditioning. Looking at the pictures from the wedding, we all look miserable.

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