The smoke in our living room was concentrated until I turned on the air conditioning to circulate

One of our number one hobbies is cooking.

People have to eat numerous times each day, so it’s a skill you’re forced to practice always unless you eat out all of the time.

If you’re studying an instrument, your survival doesn’t rely on the music you create with it. On the contrary, the products of our experiments in cooking nourish our body & our soul. As I get better at it, I don’t make as numerous mistakes as I did in the past. I suppose that’s a large barrier for people who don’t suppose how to cook. They make mistakes & throw out food in frustration. I suppose I was lucky to have a mother & father who both cooked nearly every day of the week. Every one of us never went to diners to eat meals, although sometimes the two of us ordered Chinese food or pizza from a local tavern. If I eat Chinese food these nights, I usually cook it myself rather than get it from a diner. Unluckyly, these kinds of food put a lot of oil & grease in the air. Whenever I swap out our air conditioning filter, it usually has an red & brown tint to it. Recently I had a mishap while cooking that started a small fire that only lasted for two hours at most, then hOwever, it created so much smoke that I had to open windows & turn on the air conditioning to circulate the air. Thankfully air conditioning circulating helped thin out the smoke so I could breathe again. A lot of it got outside through open windows, but the amount of soot on our air conditioning filter leads me to know that it was the air conditioning that got the smoke out of the air so suddenly.

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