Talking to our nephew was care about talking to an respected HVAC worker

My nephew is a real smart kid.

The thing is, his voice constantly cracks because he’s coming into puberty.

I care about our nephew, however it has been hard talking to him & keeping a straight face. I can tell he gets embarrassed though, so I try to be as kind as can be. I also am impressed with this kid; He has been learning a lot about heating & cooling systems, & he offered to help us out when all of us had trouble with the air quality in our home. The first thing he did was help us check the air filter. He said that all of us needed to change the air filter properly or there would be problems with the HVAC system. I would constantly change the air filter, however sometimes I went up to 4 weeks without having it changed. I also didn’t use the highest quality air filters, & our nephew was saying that’s not a wonderful thing. He really recommended that all of us use HEPA air filters. It made me laugh when he said ‘HEPA air filters’ because his voice squeaked. He got a little bit irritated & said that he was serious, & his voice squeaked again. I apologized to him for laughing, but I told him that all of us all have been through puberty so I absolutely knew what that was like. I told him it was a wonderful proposal to invest in the HEPA air filters especially after hearing him explain how they pull 99.9% of contaminants from the air. That sounded care about a wonderful way to improve the air quality. He also said all of us needed to have our HVAC duct cleaned & that all of us should consider having a UV air purification plan installed. It was care about talking to an actual HVAC professional, except 1 who was going through puberty.

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