My HVAC supplier dominates the market in my small town

This HVAC company dominates the entire industry here.

After living in a densely populated metropolitan city for 12 years, I was ready for a change of pace. Being surrounded by a mob of people at every moment was starting to affect my mental health. I remember taking a few vacations to the countryside and the overwhelming sense of calmness I felt for the first time in years. I knew that I wanted this experience on a regular basis, and I’d achieve it at any cost. The first step I took was quitting my hectic job to find something remote where I could work from any location. Once I changed careers, I started saving money for a downpayment while slowly improving my credit. At first I was renting a condo in a rural suburb of my former city, but it didn’t take long to get myself in a financial position where I could buy a property of my own. Now that I have a house in a possession, I need to locate a reputable heating and cooling contractor. I need a new air conditioner, but there aren’t many choices with HVAC contractors in my rural suburb. This small town only has one major air conditioning and heat supplier, so there wasn’t much choice in the matter. This HVAC company dominates the entire industry here. I’m lucky that they’re reputable and perform highly rated work, otherwise I’d be stuck with a bad contractor either way. They offered me a new air conditioner for a fair price and did a phenomenal job installing the system. I decided to buy an annual maintenance contract after I was pleased with their installation work. Now they come to my house several times a year to inspect the air conditioner and perform any necessary maintenance or service.

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