I successfully found a boiler rental in the yellow pages so long ago

A long time ago all of us had to use a telephone book if all of us wanted to find a particular supplier in the area.

If I was hoping to find a really nice used book store I had never been to before, I had to get the telephone book out as well as open the yellow pages.

The yellow pages were for companies while the other white pages were for residents in your community. This is pretty much how you’d locate a buddy’s number if you happened to lose it or had moved back to the community. But residents always had the choice to remain unlisted if that is what they wanted to do. I’m pretty sure journalists easily took advantage of the information in telephone books back in those days, because commonly addresses were listed too. And you started by easily looking up last name first before you were able to match it with a first name. The yellow pages were almost the same with businesses. However, instead of listing all the things by supplier name as well as going in alphabetical order, the yellow pages in the telephone book completely categorized everything based on supplier type. There’d be an area for diners, another for grocery stores, as well as individual sections for florists, basic goods stores, as well as healthcare worker offices just to name a bunch of them. At this point the categories were totally in alphabetical order while the companies within each style were also put in alphabetical order. When I had a pretty serious complication in our basement years ago, I needed an emergency boiler rental or our pipes would easily freeze. The only place I was able to look for boiler rentals was the yellow pages. I was happy to find an HVAC supplier that offers rentals for boilers as well as chillers.

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