My a/c condenser compressor blew up yesterday while I was at work

For the past six weeks I’ve been working overtime as new contracts are being signed daily with my boss’s corporation. The number of projects he has available is increasing steadily, giving me more money than I’ve ever made previously. Most would be happy with this arrangement, but the long hours are taking a toll on my mental health. I’m more irritable, stressed out, and anxious than ever, leading me to ask how much longer I can endure with these work hours. It has me on the road multiple times a day driving 20 miles in each direction as I commute through heavy traffic while avoiding collisions. And when I get to work, I’m forced to frustratingly ignore my annoying coworkers so I can hit my numbers everyday. Sadly, I’m slacking on maintenance and chores around the house. I need to clean my rain gutters as I’ve been putting it off for two months straight. Worst of all, yesterday while I was at work my air conditioning compressor blew up outside. I didn’t know that anything was wrong until I got home and couldn’t get the air conditioner to turn on. When my HVAC technician arrived for repairs, he said that my system had depleted its coolant prior to the compressor blowing up. As for the coolant, apparently my evaporator coil was cracked in multiple places and was leaking precious refrigerant while it was running. If I had called for heating and cooling service like I’m supposed to, I could have avoided this situation altogether. I wonder if I could have turned off the system in time to save the compressor if I had been home to hear the machine screeching to a halt.

HVAC repairman