Knowing when your thermostat has broken down

No one expects to feel cold in spring, at least the kind of cold that comes with winter. It was, therefore, strange for me to feel extremely cold during the nights. This went on for a few days when it hit me that something was amiss. I rarely checked my thermostat because it works well most of the time. However, this time around, I had to check to see what was going on since my house’s strange cold condition was not familiar even in winter. My thermostat was unresponsive, and it may have been that way for a long time. My attempts to turn on the heat also proved futile as nothing changed. Not wanting to give up, I tried one more time, and the heat cut out even before the temperature setting could register on the thermostat’s display. These were enough confirmation that something was wrong, and it was time to bring in the HVAC technician to have a look. I called the HVAC business in my locality to send one of their experts to my house since I deemed this an emergency that required a quick response. The air conditioner repair experts checked my furnace and AC, and thermostat to ensure no hidden issues existed. Fortunately for me, all I needed to worry about was the thermostat since it had malfunctioned. After checking the power circuit and changing the thermostat’s batteries, he cleaned the thermostat’s accumulated dirt. In a few minutes, my thermostat was as good as new. I learned not to ignore my thermostat as it makes a lot of difference and could affect my comfort levels.



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