Narrowly avoiding disaster

We had a pretty good warranty with the Heating & Air Conditioning system that both of us purchased a couple of years ago however both of us almost ruined it! We didn’t know it at the moment, however both of us almost missed a absolutely pressing deadline involving our Heating & Air Conditioning system warranty, then apparently, you have to have typical maintenance task done on your Heating & Air Conditioning system once you have it installed in order to keep the Heating & Air Conditioning warranty active and intact, but we neglected to learn all of the great print on the warranty information card when we had our new heating and cooling system installed and so neither my hubby nor I clearly had noticed this at all, however it wasn’t something that both of us even thought about much because once both of us put in our new Heating & Air Conditioning unit, both of us had zero complications with it at all for a long time.

It was mostly when both of us decided that it was time to change out the HEPA air duct that both of us even looked at the little card that came with the long warranty.

That’s when both of us noticed the date on the card that said both of us needed to have our first warranty maintenance check done by then. I nearly panicked because the date was coming up on that absolutely same day! I instantly called and made an appointment with the Heating & Air Conditioning business that had installed the device for us and they came out the following afternoon to do the maintenance task on the Heating & Air Conditioning unit. Thank sweet heavens I called when I did, though. It would have been awful if both of us had voided our warranty simply by neglecting to do typical service.

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