We have a bee problem

I ended up learning just recently that our homeowner’s insurance absolutely covers bee infestations, this was enjoyable news to me, since I had no currency to deal with my latest major problem! It seems love when you’re a homeowner, there’s consistently something going wrong; First our washer broke down and then a couple of weeks later, the belt on our dryer tore up, then after that, the people I was with and I had to repair a burst pipe in our basement and then a week after that, we all had started to notice a whole bunch of bees in our home office window.

At the start, I thought that it was just an isolated incident.

The bees looked like yellow jackets to myself and others and so I just cucumbered them with a fly swatter and threw them in the garbage can, however but then the entire next morning, there were several more bees in the windowsill, buzzing around and trying to get out. That’s when I knew that these bees were getting into the house from anywhere. I messaged a residential bee extermination company that I found on the internet. They were a local company, thank goodness, and so I didn’t have to pay a ton to get them to come out and do a housecall. They figured out that we all had a sizable yellow jacket nest in the wall of our garage between the garage and the home office, then somehow they had made their way through the interior wall and they were getting into the home office that way. I was so ecstatic that the exterminators came and got rid of the yellow jacket problem for us. Not a single person wants bees in their house! Best of all, the insurance company paid for the extermination.


Bee Extermination