I’m considering getting custom built furniture for my residence

I live in a townhouse; I savor the little village where I am living.

It is nearby to all the necessities of life without being in a horribly noisy area of town.

The largest setback I have with where I live is the townhouse itself. It is small plus a bit strangely shaped, so I am at a loss as to the best way to furnish it. I have typically required interior design help because I can’t come up with my own interior design ideas. I guess that I can’t put entirely sizable furniture into my place of residence because it will take up all the room plus look totally out of place. I don’t even really know what style I entirely prefer. Is Fifth Avenue style for me? Do I enjoy Italian furniture or European furniture? I truly don’t know. I care about the thought of residing in a cozy dollhouse, but is that a look that I would get extremely tired of? My neighbor lives in a contemporary condo that is close to the beach, plus I savor it when I walk in there! Everything seems especially sleek plus polished, but it truly lacks warmth, plus I am a toasty person. Then again, having wood furniture, which the interior design ideas magazine says adds warmth to any residence, seems uncomfortable plus masculine. I care about sectionals, but they are honestly too massive for my space, as are the sofas I see in most of the stores. I guess the best move to make is to get some interior design help plus hire someone to make me custom built furniture.
Custom built couches