Neighbors won’t repair their noisy air conditioning system system

When we got into the Summer season, everyone couldn’t last truly long without cranking up their air conditioning system systems… Of course, we were fast to get our air conditioning system plan going, but of course we made sure to get our air conditioning system tune up completed before the Summer season, however both of us had no complications whatsoever with our air conditioner plan after that! Well, I honestly can’t say the same was true with our next door neighbors; They have their air conditioning system plan running regularly, and i swear that their air conditioning system plan never stops running, plus it has developed this loud screeching noise! I don’t guess what the issue is with their air conditioning system system, but they seriously need to get it taken care of. I didn’t guess too much of it when the noise wasn’t so loud, but it has become louder plus louder by the day! You would guess that they would have called up the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C dealer, although I haven’t seen any Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C trucks going to their driveway, plus the noise continues to go on plus get even louder. It’s so noisy that we can hear it in our own home, plus it makes it strenuous to sleep at night! Seriously, if they don’t get that air conditioning system plan taken care of soon, I might have to call the police plus make an regular noise complaint. If that doesn’t qualify for scary the peace, then we don’t guess what does. I guess I would rather hear loud music at a house gathering, than listening to that obnoxious screeching noise that their air conditioning system condenser device regularly makes!

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