I love running a cleaning company

I guess everyone probably has a hidden passion they really weren’t aware of.

Turns out my is akin to being a cleaning lady.

I think it goes back to being so attached to the cleaning lady that worked for my parents. She was wonderful and I used to help her. Well, I pretended to help I guess. It was a big deal for me to get try my hand at carpet cleaning or something like that. However, the floor stripping and waxing was something our cleaning lady took charge of. Yet, I was really intrigued with cleaning and order. This turns out to be quite the irony. That’s because I now own a commercial cleaning service. And it seemed to have happened quite organically in fact. Through high school and college, I made my pocket money by being a sort of maid for hire. That kind of branched out a bit to office cleaning when I got out of college and couldn’t find a job in my field. The longer I did the office cleaning thing, the more referrals I got and before long I was an actual office cleaning company. I started out small with a hand picked crew of part time college students. That worked out really well. So, it seemed like a good idea to invest in some equipment and branch out into all areas of the commercial cleaning service. Now I have several crews who do everything from janitorial service to commercial floor cleaning. It’s a great life and I love the business. Who knew that my cleaning lady as a child would have such a dramatic impact on my career?

Commercial cleaning company