I am focusing on my priorities now that I have a cleaning service

The look on his face said it all

There really hasn’t ever been any question in my mind whether I would be running my own show. Honestly, it’s really sort of just been a given really. The idea of being my own boss and doing my own thing has always appealed to me on the deepest of levels. So, it’s not all that surprising to find myself in that position. However, there sure are a lot of details to keep on top of when you’re running your own small business. I have a small public relations company that does a lot of regional business. However, I have been functioning as my own cleaning company as well. This seemed like a good idea when I first started out. However, it quickly became anything but. I mean who wants to do floor stripping and waxing in heels? I know now that I don’t. But, that’s exactly what I was doing to myself and it took a bit of a reckoning to change that behavior. Once I closed up the office each night, I would act as my own janitorial service. I don’t know if it’s just in my nature to try and take everything on or what. However, there was a night when one of my staff members came back to retrieve something and saw me doing the carpet cleaning. The look on his face said it all. It was right then that I understood that I needed all my time to focus on priorities. The office cleaning could be left to a commercial cleaning company.

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