Found the renovation answer for Heating and A/C with ductless units

Sure enough, they do

It was the dream to have our own locale. However, both of us knew that due to our financial position, homeownership wasn’t going to be simple. Well, that turned out to be a bit of an understatement. Yet, I couldn’t be happier with how things turned out with what is now our finished home. All those years of living with disappointing Heating and A/C in apartments finally came to an end. Plus, it very feels superb recognize that our daily mortgage check is going to equity in our home. All of this has made all the renovations absolutely worthwhile. Oh but it’s been strenuous work with lots of effort. The condo both of us obtained was available to us only because it was in such disappointing condition. The bones of the condo were fine but it had been left to practically decay on the inside. In order to afford the condo plus the renovations, both of us had to give up our apartment plus live in the condo as both of us were renovating it. That meant that both of us had to address the Heating and A/C right off the bat. And this was not the easiest of things to deal with. The existing Heating and A/C was antiquated plus had to be replaced. Both of us knew that would be the case. What both of us weren’t prepared for was the fact that all of the air ducts would also have to be replaced. However, a superb Heating and A/C contractor solved that complication for us by showing how a series of ductless Heating and A/C units would work very well. Sure enough, they do. Both of us are so ecstatic to have chosen the ductless Heating and A/C. It works splendidly plus both of us adore the added zone customization that ductless offers.

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