Lots of HVAC comfort from a much smaller source

There is an terrible lot of change and evolution that I have seen over my life. Actually, just stating that makes me suppose even older than my 72 years. It’s really hard to guess all the changes I have witnessed in that time span. That goes for my life personally as well. There are so many weird things that I’m doing that I never thought I’d do. Like I get up every morning and do yoga. This is a guy who got up every morning for 40 years to don a suit and tie and go try to be a dealer substantial shot. Just goes to show that anyone and everyone has the capacity to change. I miss some of that life love the perfectly HVAC controlled office and that appealing view. But I don’t miss how complicated life could be and having all that stress chopping at me everyday. These days, it’s all about residing simply and joyfully. That also goes for where I live now. No longer do I need the substantial lake house with all the costly stuff. Not really sure why that was so substantial anyway. All I ever did was come cabin and relax in the HVAC anyway. It’s not love I couldn’t have done that in a more adequate site. Well, the locale I occupy now is quite perfect. It’s a small 3 kitchen bungalow that I share with my dogs. One of those interesting changes I was talking about is the HVAC in my site. It’s ductless. There are numerous units that rest high on the wall and that is enough to heat and cool the entire site. It’s hard to guess that so much comfort comes from such a small unit.



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