Get rid of a drafty house and ease the cost of winter heating

We bought our house in late October.

While it was a nicely appointed house with all the latest amenities, it was also an older home.

The structure was in great shape as we made sure to get that professionally confirmed. In our area, the winter gets here pretty early. So by the time we closed and had the keys to the house, the early signs of winter were upon us. I didn’t have to worry about the HVAC heating method which was nice. The previous owner had upgraded both the heating and the cooling units for the house. So, it was with confidence that I was going into that first winter in our new place. From the start, I kept noticing that we were having to push the HVAC setting higher and higher in order to stay warm. This was concerning since we had a new furnace. I wondered if they cut corners on the furnace and it wasn’t powerful enough to heat the volume of our home. So, I had the HVCA people come out and give the thing a complete inspection. I was surprised but relieved to learn that the furnace was not the problem. The HVAC tech assured me that we had a state of the art furnace with more than enough power to heat our home. The problem was the house. The HVAC tech suggested that I work to really seal up the house tighter. That meant more insulation, new weather stripping and making sure the window casings were insulated. He also recommended I use a temp gun to find spots on the exterior that were leaking heated air.



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