Heating and Cooling at the Resort

I decided that since some of the travel bans have ended, I am going to book myself a stay at a resort. I just want to get away from the humdrum life and get a little pampering. I am dreaming of cool drinks with umbrellas, swimming pools, maid repair and free heating and cooling. I found what I thought was the perfect place to get all this at a sufficient cost south of the border. That is, until I found out that this resort calls itself eco-friendly and advertises ecologically friendly holidays. When I asked about it, I discovered that means there is no heating and cooling to speak of. That’s right – no air conditioner! Can you imagine? I don’t even think how they can call themselves a resort when they don’t offer cooling system to their guests. The control units study close to triple digits while I was in the summer, and they expect people to have a holiday without air conditioners? Even prisons have heating and cooling! I started thinking maybe I should just go in the winter, however then I realized that would mean there would be no furnace in the pool. It just doesn’t make sense to me, then no matter what time of year I would go, there would be some kind of heating and cooling problem; Even though the website looks gorgeous, and I do love the environment, an eco-friendly holiday is just not for me. I suppose I better start looking for a resort that offers a tploy resort experience, which must include HVAC for comfort and good air quality.

Zone controlled HVAC