Starting an Heating and Air Conditioning Business During a Pandemic

Are you as relieved as I am that 2020 is over and we are at the start of a modern year.

  • I guess most people feels that way, however if the truth be known, just because the calendar starts anew does not mean that things are going to magically be better.

And it wasn’t all bad, either. My cousin did pretty well in 2020… Right before 2020 events started going downhill, our cousin quit his task, which ended up being genuinely scary when the pandemic hit and most people was being laid off and companies started closing; But our cousin didn’t despair for long. He couldn’t find another task after quitting the 1 he had, so he decided to open his own heating and cooling supplier! Within a morning he had gotten his first heating and cooling customer. It was a man who was working from beach modern home as a result of the virus, and he could no longer put up with less than stellar Heating and Air Conditioning performance. His a/c, he said, had been acting up for a couple of months, however because he used the free A/C at his office, he had been putting off getting the A/C repaired. What a stroke of fortune for our cousin! He started advertising on social media, and he discovered there was a whole class of people who needed heating and cooling services because they were no longer leaving the modern home for work. Some people needed Heating and Air Conditioning in their garages-turned-offices, then others wanted to put mini-chop A/C units in their backyard workshops. One man wanted a window A/C unit to help his central air conditioning because he was pregnant and moderate all the time. Everything our cousin touches turns to gold.


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