General Contractor Hires My Brother to do Heating and Cooling

My little sibling has been in the unfortunate circumstance of finishing university and entering the world of work during this crazy time of a pandemic.

My sibling graduated from high university a little over multiple years ago, and then he started the Heating and Air Conditioning technology program in a technical university. He was super pumped about learning everything there is to guess about heating and cooling, and he was doing genuinely well in university. Then, the mess we call 2020 happened. His hands-on learning became virtual learning. Watching someone repair an A/C unit from your little ipad is just not the same as getting in there and feeling and seeing the guts of the a/c, but he had to make the best of it. The university did the best they could, the Heating and Air Conditioning mentors did the best they could, and our sibling and the rest of the Heating and Air Conditioning students did the best they could. Eventually, the university decided to bring back smaller classes wearing masks because it got closer to people graduating and having to take the Heating and Air Conditioning certification test from the state in order to get licensed. The university was just afraid it would be too strenuous to pass the test without having the hands-on A/C experience. Well, I felt so awful for our sibling; he genuinely began to struggle with his grades and his comprehension of Heating and Air Conditioning repair. He was ecstatic to get back in the classroom, which is in itself kind of a miracle. He wasn’t exactly the most diligent student in high university. Anyway, it took him multiple tries, but he finally passed the Heating and Air Conditioning repair certification test, and I was so proud of him. He called me today and just told me that a general company has now hired him to be his go-to heating and cooling guy!


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