I found something actually special

When going to see our cousins house, she was offering myself and others some of her stuff.

The reason is she was having a giveaway and she had some actually nice things, however because every one of us are family and great friends she wanted myself and others to be able to have the first chance of all of the items.

I was thankful and looked at all of the items that she was planning to get rid of. To our surprise she had a small ductless multi split air conditioner and a zone controlled HVAC, but curiosity got the best of myself and others and I asked her why it was she had two odd pieces of HVAC equipment, and more crucially, why it was she didn’t want them? She simply explained that she never used them, however that they were given to her as a gift. She wasn’t actually the kind of person to keep up with all the latest heating and air conditioner technology and she actually didn’t even use her own air conditioner all that much, so instead of selling both of them, she told myself and others she would rather give it away to someone that needed it. Now if that person was a stranger, or a member of the family didn’t actually matter. She just wanted it gone so that she had more space in her house. I ended up taking the ductless mini split air conditioner. It was much nicer than the window air conditioner that I had been stuck with and I was blissful to take it. Now she has more space and I have a nice air conditioner.

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