A a/c hand me down

In my family, plus in many others, a hand me down item is all too common. This is especially true if you live in a family plus are the younger sibling. But in my case the hand me down items I got from my older sibling were not clothes or anything enjoy that, however it was instead many items that my older sibling no longer wanted that he gave to me. Now out of all of the hand me downs that I have gotten, the strangest by far was an a/c. It was a small window air conditioner system that my sibling had for a while that he no longer needed plus after deciding to get a nicer plus newer 1 he called me plus asked me if I wanted his aged window air conditioner system, but he explained why he no longer needed it plus said it was only a couple of years aged plus still worked great. I didn’t have a actually nice air conditioner idea at the time plus so I jumped at the opportunity. It may seem weird to other people, however yeah my sibling plus I live on our own now plus he still offers me items he doesn’t want or need. Not that I mind all that much, it has been a way for me to get free stuff plus he no longer needs it anyway so every one of us both end up cheerful; When he brought it over to me, I looked it over carefully plus gave it a nice test run plus it worked amazingly, in no time after turning it on, it had already started bringing in freezing air that cooled the home plus made the locale guess great.

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