Selling my old air conditioner

It was that time again.

  • The time for me to clean out my house and go through all the things that I didn’t need.

Some of it would be sold, some of it would be donated. But it was time to get rid of the clutter. I started by going through the garage, then the closets and I came out with a lot of stuff and started sorting it into piles. One of the best things I found when I was going through all my stuff was a like brand new ductless mini split air conditioner. It was in great condition and I had already decided that I wanted to sell it. It had been just lying around in my garage and I had no plans to use it. I hoped I could still get a good deal for it. I still remember when I first got it. I was standing in line in front of a nearby heating and a/c business during a black friday, when they were having some big time sales. I already knew what I wanted and I picked it up for half the price. It was a shame to see it go, since I had never used it. But it was what I needed since I had long since then gotten a better one. Now someone else can enjoy it. I do know for a fact that it does indeed work, when I first got it I took it out and tested it, and at the time had planned to use it. But as life got busy and other things took priority I found myself putting it away and completely forgetting about it. Now it will go to someone else.

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