I do a more rounded work out now

When I was in high school the only thing I wanted to do was build muscle. I was a little guy that just wanted to look bigger. I spent most of my workouts weightlifting. The goal was to lift as much weight as possible. It didn’t matter if I could only lift it once. It was high weight, low rep. Now that I am older, I really don’t care if I look like Dwayne Johnson or Charlie Hunnam. I just want to look fit and healthy. I spend more time in other areas of the gym. I actually make it a point to do cardio three days a week. I like to either hop on the treadmill, go on the elliptical or try the rowing machine. Two days a week I dedicate to working my leg muscles. As a man, leg day is something that isn’t easy for me. I do the leg press, the machine that shows a crotch shot and the leg lift machine. Those days are always my least favorite since I can hardly walk. When I do focus on arms, I do low weight and high repetition. I am hoping to tone, not bulk. I would rather have arms that look slightly fit than beefy. It is a way more enjoyable work out since I am not straining or need a spotter. Lastly, no matter the work out I do, I make sure to stretch. In highschool I just immediately began lifting and then showered after. Now I stretch before I start running or lifting. After all my workouts are complete I do one more stretch while I am still warm. I like to improvise flexibility, balance and coordination. It also just feels good too.


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