I liked having someone in the training session with me

I got signed up for a semi-private fitness training class.

I wanted to have a full on private lesson three days a week.

Unfortunately, the core progression gym I go to is so full that I had to share a personal trainer with another guy for each session. Happy enough though, I found I really like having someone in the training session with me. I thought I would prefer having the trainer one on one correcting my form. I wanted individualized attention when I stretch, do cardio and weightlifting. Having another guy take the spotlight off me is good from time to time. I also like that the fitness expert can have us do partner work. My partner and I toss a medicine ball back and forth and do crunches. We also hold pads for each other and work on punching drills to tone our arms. We even do partner stretches since the trainer is a little bit smaller than us. It is really fun and I have gotten to like the guy quite a bit. I have even thought about trying a group fitness class. If I like having one person with me during a workout, maybe I would enjoy a whole group of it. I know the class would be run a lot differently. Right now the trainer is very focused on my partner and I. We have the same fitness goals too, so our class is very similar. In a group class I am thinking it would be more individualized work while the trainer sort of walks around the class. Maybe I would like it though.


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