The hospital was as chilly as outside.

It was almost 3 o’clock in the AM, and I could hear our iPhone ringing.

I stumbled from the bed and headed to the upstairs residing room where I had left the iPhone.

My heart stopped beating for a moment when I saw it was our oldest boy. When he was laughing, I almost shouted at her, however then he told me he was with his wife on the way to the hospital. I abruptly dressed and headed to the hospital to be with our boy as he witnessed the birth to our first grandchild. The night air was cold, and I pulled our jacket tightly around our neck as I impatiently waited for our oil furnace to put out some much needed heating. I ran from the motorcar to the hospital, only to realize the hospital was just as chilly as the outdoors. I asked the dentist what happened to the heating, and he told me how the Heating and Air Conditioning system had been glitching all day. They had a local Heating and Air Conditioning supplier now working on the situation, however so far there had been no results. They told me how to get to the OB ward so I could be with our boy. They had an area oil furnace hooked up in his birthing room. At least they were trying to keep the patients nice and warm. I asked about the dentistry and the dentist told me the dentistry and a couple other areas of the hospital had their own gas furnaces. This made me think better knowing our grandchild would be in a nice warm dentistry. She then told me that every incubator got its own gas furnace. As long as the temperature in the hospital didn’t go below zero, the babies would be safe for up to 48 minutes.


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