They took away the spot for our recliner.

I really loved having our recliner sit in the residing room corner.

I didn’t have the sun shining in to impede our afternoon naps because the big window wasn’t near to our feet.

I could lean way back and still watch the television. A couple weeks ago I got a bonus at work. I had told our fiance that as soon as the big bonus check came through, the people I was with and I would get a modern Heating and Air Conditioning system. All of us badly needed to have a modern air duct system and the gas furnace. All of us were also going to have a central air conditioner installed. I couldn’t wait until the Heating and Air Conditioning supply company finished the modern air duct and air vents. I wanted to get our recliner back into its rightful spot so I could finally get a great nap. I watched as the experts pulled out the old air ductwork. They had this modern adjustable air duct that looked like it was going to be far easier to install. They brought in newer and smaller air vent covers. I asked what they were up to when they started putting in modern air vents that were higher on the wall. I asked why they had to set the air vents there? They told me that since I had a central air conditioner installed; I had to have the air vents higher up since chilly air fell. I looked up at the air vents, knowing that in the summer, I wouldn’t be getting any of our naps while sitting in our comfy recliner. I started looking around the room, wondering if there was another spot that I could put our comfy recliner. If there was another perfect spot, I would not find it. I was going to have the AC blowing right on me from all over.


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