The hotel was painfully substandard

My fiance and I decided to go away for the weekend, and the two of us had a certainly long week at our jobs and we wanted to get away from the beach house and the stress for a couple of nights.

Since we made our plans at the last minute, we had to settle for a hotel instead of something with 4 or 5 stars.

There was an athletic interests conference in the neighborhood the same weekend and all of the hotel rooms were booked. The two of us were blessed to find anything to be honest. The two of us didn’t expect the best and most luxurious accommodations, however we did expect the staff to be friendly and courteous; then when we arrived at the hotel, no 1 was sitting behind the front desk. The two of us hit the bell to ring for help. The guy came out of the back with his shirt tucked halfway in, then he looked as if he had just come from the bathroom. He gave us our room number and our keys. The two of us took the elevator to the third floor where our room was located… Once we opened the door, we knew we were going to need a weird room. There was an immense wet stain in the middle of the room and it looked as if the HVAC component was the reason for the puddle. There was water dripping from an air vent in the ceiling. The drip was steady and actually noticeable, however I then called the desk to complain about the mess and the leaky ductwork. The front desk clerk told myself and others to just throw a towel over the stain. I thought he was joking, but he didn’t seem anxious about the HVAC concern one single bit.


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