I hope my window air conditioner stays safe during this huge storm system

The wind is ripping plus roaring outside plus I am starting to worry about our cooling system; however I have a window cooling system on the west side of the house… There’s a big tree right next to the house plus it has a lot of seasoned branches… Just a handful of years ago, a branch from the tree crashed down on the side of the house plus took out the cooling system plus the window.

I had to spend about $770 to update the cooling system plus do maintenance on the window.

There was a storm much to the strength of this one outside, when that accident occurred. The winds were strong plus it was raining heavily. I assume that’s why I am feeling so incredibly anxious, worried, plus sad. I just installed the cooling system a couple of weeks ago because we have had a lot of humidity plus heat here. Now I wish I would have waited another month. The weather from this storm is coming from the gulf section where the uneven temperatures are much warmer; we were not expecting so much rain plus wind, however the storm shifted the other day plus that changed our entire forecast. Now I’m certainly worried that another branch will manage to take out the machine. I could transport the window cooling system to a safer site, however it’s seriously heavy plus bulky, then my child put it in the window plus helped myself and others with the upgrade. I would need to do it all by myself plus I’m not sure that I have the strength. If the wind wasn’t howling plus moving so fast, I wouldn’t even worry about the possibility of heavy rain.


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