A storm could damage my air conditioner

The wind is ripping and roaring outside and now I am starting to worry about our air conditioning unit.

However I have window air conditioning on the west side of the house. There’s a large tree right next to the beach house and it has a lot of outdated branches; and just a small number of years ago, a branch from the tree crashed down on the side of the beach house and it took out the air conditioning and also the window. I had to spend about $690 to replace the air conditioning unit and repair the window. There was a storm much like this one outside, when that particular accident occurred. The winds were strong and it was also raining heavily. I believe that’s why I am feeling so anxious, worried, and also sad. I just installed the air conditioning unit a couple of weeks ago because the people I live with and I have had a lot of humidity and also heat, but now I wish I would have waited at least another week. The weather from this storm is coming from the gulf region where the rapidly changing temperatures are much warmer. The two of us weren’t expecting so much rain and heavy wind, but the storm shifted yesterday which then changed our entire forecast. Now I’m entirely upset that another branch will take out the machine. I could transport the window air conditioning unit to a safer locale, but it’s drastically heavy and also bulky; not to mention, my child put it in the window and helped myself and others with the upgrade. I would need to do it all by myself which I’m not sure that I even have the strength to do. If the wind wasn’t howling and also moving so fast, I wouldn’t even worry about the heavy rain.

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