The great south weather conditions

Living here in the south is a lovely thing.

I care about the friendly people but most of all I care about that this area has perfect weather conditions control.

When I talk about the weather conditions control I am talking about the un-even temperatures all year round. It is hardly ever that you even have to guess about the drastic need for heating or a/c, but people do have central heating and a/c of course. Because there are those short spurts throughout the year that you do need some kind of heating and a/c. But these are few and far between. When you do have to run your central heating and a/c it is only for a month or month and a half at most. And usually is about mid way through the seasons of summer time and winter. This is just how perfect the deep south is. Which is 1 of the reasons I moved here in the first locale. The south was a locale that originally I didn’t want to transport to because I thought I would be so out of locale. but I absolutely am not into the lifestyle they have here in the south, it is all worth the inconvenience just to have the best air quality, the best weather conditions control and the nice friendly people. And most of all it is absolutely great having lower utility bills from not having to run the gosh darn central heating and air conditioner all of the time care about you do in many other parts of the country. I recognize so fortunate to live here.