HVAC saving plan really paid off this past summer

It’s quite possible this was a summer of many firsts. I know for sure it’s the first summer that I have ever spent almost every day inside the HVAC of my home. Being inside the HVAC cooling comfort is not unusual so much. It’s just that I normally am able to find the HVAC comfort I seek in a variety of locations. Well not so much this year. With the pandemic raging, my company decided to commit to remote working until this was over. Working from home had been an option that the company was pushing due to the savings in overhead costs. However, the pandemic definitely moved that consideration forward very rapidly. I made a bit of a home office inside my house. My wife and I share a sort of home office that I basically took over. She is an essential worker and didn’t use the home office. Both of our companies greatly reduced our bonus structures. So it became imperative to save where we could. I decided that since I was at home working, I would commit to saving on the HVAC. All it really took was a bit of discipline and some fans. I decided to never let the inside temperature get any more than 15 degrees cooler than the outside temperature. Other than closing the drapes to stop direct sun heating, that’s all I did. However, I really stuck to it throughout the entire summer. And for those efforts, we saved over 20 percent on HVAC cooling costs compared to the summer before. It was well worth the effort and really, I got quite accustomed to the higher temps in my house.



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