Whole house air purifier is best choice for the best indoor air quality

I was ever so close to actually purchasing a whole house air purifier.

  • This was something that my wife and I had considered for years.

It wasn’t so much the indoor air quality that we were looking for. No, we were desperate to actually eliminate the odors from the house. Where we are, the HVAC is on just about the entire year. The winter is really cold and the summer gets hot. So, there isn’t a lot of time where the HVAC isn’t either heating or cooling. This means that we have to keep our house really sealed up tight in order to get the most out of our HVAC efficiency. Unfortunately, that also means that the inside of our home doesn’t get much outside fresh air. And we have pets, and kids and we cook lots of fish and lots of other things that could really stand a dose of regular fresh air. That’s how we got into the idea of buying a whole house air purifier. However at the time, we just couldn’t quite see justifying that sort of expense for odor free air. So, we kept up with deodorizers and masking agents. Yet when the pandemic set in, our ideas on the HVAC and the whole house air purifier changed dramatically. Once we learned how important good indoor air quality was to our immune health, the whole house air purifier became the obvious choice. Now, we not only have air that smells clean and crisp, we have the cleanest, highest quality indoor air we could possibly have.
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