Get the HVAC pros first for HVAC repair

And it cost me.

I have the disturbing habit of continually putting off the things I need to do. This has the resulting consequence of just making things worse. I just hate that I do this. I do fully understand that dealing with the issues in front of you is a far more reasonable way to live my life. Last years situation with my HVAC unit is the perfect example of why I simply must address things. The HVAC situation is a total example of how doing something instead of ignoring the obvious the preferred method. We live in a region where the spring arrives quite early. This means the HVAC cooling is on most of the day my late March. So, I have always gotten the HVAC service in the late fall after the summer heat has come and gone. I did just that again that year. The winter in these parts is mild. We hardly flip the HVAC to heating it’s just that mild. Perhaps the HVAC system sat quiet too long this winter. But it seemed to be sort of strange when I first turned it on. There was a sound that seemed odd. However, being one who is prone to ignoring any potential problem, I let it go and didn’t call the HVAC pros. And it cost me. It could have been just a simple repair but my procrastination turned it into a big time, expensive HVAC repair. It would have taken one phone call to the heating & cooling folks. And yet, even that small effort was too much.

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