How streaming music saved me currency

I am someone who enjoys to stream music on the internet, and yes I think by doing this it is killing the music industry and making the smaller labels and artists go broke. But it’s just the times that every one of us live in this week. I use the streaming music service called Spotify. And because i’m 1 of those cheap people who don’t want to spend money for a membership I have to hear ads all the time while listening to music; Which is ok with me because after all, that’s what FM radio used to be as well, but the other afternoon though, they were playing some local advertisement for a heating and a/c company in my area that I never heard of. They were a current heating and a/c company that just came on the scene, which is why I never heard of them. But they featured the best deal on an HVAC service plan that I would have not known about or heard about if I was not using the free Spotify service! This HVAC service plan was almost too fantastic to be true for the price they were offering for it. However it peaked my curiosity since I have been looking for a fantastic heating and a/c service plan. I called them the next afternoon and lo and behold it was exactly as featured. No catch or anything. I think when you are current in the HVAC business you have to do things care about this to receive the respect of the potential customer. So I took full luck and signed up!

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