As a product tester and reviewer, i get to review HVAC system yearly

A friend once introduced me to a company that connects potential users of electronic equipment with manufacturing companies.

I didn’t believe it at first but I used to see her with different models of phones every time a new release was announced.

When I first joined, it took me about 4 months to get a gig, I started with wireless headphones and graduated slowly to more advanced appliances. This year, it was my first time to test major equipment known as an HVAC system. The rule was that the HVAC installation was to be done at my place or I had to report to a testing center for some days to experience the heating and cooling features, test those features and review the quality air conditioner. We were also expected to learn more about HVAC at our time to help us understand HVAC technology better. The HVAC business tasked with overseeing the tests had many of the tested central air conditioning units earmarked for HVAC products for sale complete with a complimentary air conditioner service plan package, and shipped out or sold locally. The seer ratings on each tested equipment had to be at least 15 to 20. As a reward, I got a portable air purifier since I couldn’t have the installation because I still live with my parents but I did book for my dad free HVAC maintenance from an accredited HVAC serviceman when I do my next test.


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