We missed an essential HVAC system upgrade after adding another floor

My restaurant has not been fully operational for a while.

So I decided to temporarily close it down and do some renovation.

The renovation took about 3 months because I added separate seating space, extra washrooms, and extended the kitchen. I also created room for ducting to be able to accommodate an extra HVAC installation. When I reopened my restaurant another 1 month later, the difference in ambiance and air quality was evident. However, weeks into operation I noticed the HVAC system would suddenly go off after a while. I couldn’t figure it out even after going online for tips on more about HVAC troubleshooting. So I contacted the HVAC business that did the HVAC installation and the HVAC serviceman who was sent over-identified that the compressor would switch off as a result of overheating. Meaning the demand and load capacity outweigh the HVAC technology I currently use. The solution was to upgrade by selecting better HVAC products for sale that can handle the heating and cooling demands of my new extensions. Since I already paid for the air conditioner service plan, I went ahead and upgraded the central air conditioning which had better seer ratings than what I currently have. I was lucky to have done the changes sooner because the health inspector came around that week only to find a new place with a befitting quality air conditioner in place. The only product I intended to add was an air purifier for my office because the smell of garbage from the backroom and washrooms nearby overwhelm me in my tiny office at the back.

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