Extension cord use at home almost cost us our HVAC system

It’s been days since I stayed home for a while with everyone else.

My kids are always in their rooms and my wife hardly spends time inside the house since I built the deck.

Unknown to us, my kids unplugged the HVAC system from a socket in their room to plug in an extension cord because they needed more ports to power their gadgets. Not knowing any better, the ac electrical load on the extension has been melting away the insulation. Luckily when I walked into the room, It was one of the things I noticed because they hooked the extension on the wall so that the air purifier and quality air conditioner cord could reach the power source. I couldn’t blame them for lack of better judgment, although their action prompted me to educate them more about HVAC and the many dangers that can occur with central air conditioning. I also shared with them the meaning of seer ratings and what it meant for any HVAC technology. As for the spoiled insulation, I hired a regular HVAC serviceman from a local HVAC business to assess the heating and cooling equipment and recommend the best way to handle the situation. As a technician, he applied his electrical knowledge to create a wall-surface based socket to support plugging in the extension while he restored the equipment to its previous source. Once done, he categorized the service as HVAC maintenance and updated my air conditioner service plan form to reflect the same. It is a new HVAC technology that can withstand minor hitches so I didn’t expect any damage that would prompt me to buy any HVAC products for sale.



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