Fire incident prompts management to call for HVAC serviceman

As the teaching staff, we are not used to hearing problems about faulty AC units like the one that recently occurred.

Quite often we hear about failed switches, broken lights, power trips but nothing like a central air conditioning on fire.

Recently, such an incident occurred at the school when one of the HVAC systems caught fire in the school lobby. There was no teacher around at that time but the janitor saw the whole thing. He didn’t have an idea on how to put it out nor did he do anything to it other than inform one of the teachers he came across in the hallway. He also went ahead and switched off the main power supply. Later on, the smoke detector was triggered and the water defused the fire. In an attempt to prevent future fires, the headteacher called in an HVAC business to carry out prompt HVAC maintenance and determine the cause of the fire. Once that was established, a requisition was made to the insurance company to claim for new central air conditioning with good seer ratings. The board, however, presented names of suppliers who were allowed to sell and perform HVAC installation for the school because of their favorable air conditioning service plan. The following week, an HVAC serviceman was called to the school to brief students on the safety measure of heating and cooling appliances. He also covered how to defuse an air purifier, and several parts of a type of HVAC technology equipment found all over the school. Now that the kids had more about HVAC, they appreciated the systems more and each of them was handed a fire prevention leaflet on how to stop AC triggered fires. The leaflets also had different HVAC products for sale so that they can learn their features and different types available in the market.


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