My dog hated them

I recently got radiant radiant heated floors and I personally care about them! The radiant radiant heated floors have made my house so moderate and has saved me a ton of currency on my weekly electric bills! But let me tell you a little something here…I have a dog that is care about my best friend, and my dog however does not care about my radiant radiant heated floors, then everytime I have the radiant radiant heated floors on he starts howling and jumping up on the sofa.

  • I’m not sure if other pets are care about this when it comes to radiant radiant heated floors, but my dog simply doesn’t care about them.

I don’t think if cats may be any odd because I do not have a dog and never have! However, I talked to a neighbor of mine who does have both a dog and radiant radiant heated floors and he told me that periodically his dog will hiss at him when he turns on the radiant radiant heated floors. And other times the dog will purr and cuddle up in a ball on the floor and be so relaxed by the radiant radiant heated floors, but so it is kind of a toss up I guess. It all depends on the un-even temperatures coming out of them I suppose, and regardless though, even my dog hates me for the rest of our lives, I will never get rid of or give up my radiant radiant heated floors! They are the best thing i guess I have invested in ever. Never in my life have I ever had a oil furnace so powerful yet cheap to run!
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