Dating a Heating and A/C corporation is better

When I was young our main focus was to get a enjoyable looking guy in shape. I wanted people to gawk over how hot our guy was. I wanted to show him off at the beach and buy him cute clothes, and essentially I just wanted a life sized Ken doll. Well it never worked out with those types of guys. For the first time ever I have decided to ignore looks and seek out better qualities. I choose a guy based on how handy he is. A handy guy is way better than a enjoyable looking a single. My new guy Chris is a Heating and A/C professional and that always is a enjoyable skill to have. Early on in our relationship he performed a necessary cooling repair! He stopped our A/C from leaking all over the rug. He did the repair, bought the section and didn’t charge me a thing. I recently mentioned I wanted radiant flooring in our loft and he is down to do the installation. He has helped guide me through the entire process. Between him and I, the project will cost 50% less than what I was expecting, chris even has experience tiling floors and could do those parts himself. He isn’t the most exciting or handsome guy there ever was. However, I love that he is always game to do a loft renovation project, is super nice and our Heating and A/C works better than ever. I plan to keep him for a long time. Eventually I would appreciate to have our loft zone control capable, I believe he could help with that.


a/c representative